Posted by All-Nutrient Professional on Feb 15, 2017

As Spring approaches and the days get brighter, people want their hair to get lighter. Are you ready for the season's hottest blonding trends?


The growing diversity of blonding hair in recent years is influencing stylists to really thinking outside of the box. Gone are the days of the simple brush and bowl application, while additional steps are becoming the norm. Foiling the whole head with same homogenous look has been replaced with an artistic and asymmetrical interpretation of blondes. Stylists are framing particular features in order to bring more light to the face or balance the face shape to give a more customized experience to the client. Above all, blonding is moving towards becoming more realistic and natural that gives hair an effortless, healthy, shiny, and classic look. 

We don’t know if blondes do have more fun, but we know salon owner and Design Team Member, Andrea Harbison, has more fun creating them. With blonding here to stay, Andrea has all sorts of blonding techniques, tricks and tips up her sleeve to cater to the blonde wannabes. Here are her top 3 ways she ensures her blondes stand out above the rest.


1. Break the Base

While this is something every colorist should know how to perform, according to Andrea, “breaking the base” still hasn’t quite hit the scene yet. This is why we see a lot of blondes who still have a dark ring, especially when they throw their hair back into a ponytail. Breaking the base is the process of lightening the base, or natural roots up to one and half levels lighter in order to diffuse dark roots, so that they seamlessly blend with highlights. You need to lift the base up to where there is no longer a harsh ring, so that it softens the color and transitions for an all over blonde effect.

It’s also a great way to get clients coming into the salon more often for quick “breaking the base” services. When clients get an inch of regrowth, they get banding and this helps to lighten it so there isn’t a dark rim around the face; then 3-4 weeks later they don’t have to worry about it. It’s perfect for keeping your blondes looking fresh and fabulous.


2. Utilize Glazes and Toners

Using glazes and toners gives stylists the opportunity to get more creative with their blondes and is ideal for really personalizing a color to a specific client. Toners react best on pre-lightened hair and are perfect for hair that needs adjustments after a color service. Glazing or toning the hair will help stylists get the desired finishing tone. They can neutralize pale yellows and turn brassy tones to bright blondes, give the hair a silvery hue, or use a glaze to embellish the current color, while acting as a sealer, or glosser.

Using a clear glaze as a sealer improves the texture and condition of the hair, while enhancing shine. Stylists can also use a clear glaze as an intesity control agent by balancing warm, natural, and cool tones to create subtle, but artistic effects. Overall, toners and glazes will eliminate any unwanted tones, or can add in creative hints of color, depending on your goal.


3. Add a Subtle Hue

Iridescent shades are fun way to give a unique twist on blonde hair. Think of an opal or a mother of pearl. Now, imagine that same light-catching effect on hair; gorgeous, right? For those who are looking to do a little something different to their blonde hair, recommend adding in subtle hues of lavenders, pale pinks, and blue-violets. It gives the hair a soft, whimsical feel that doesn’t overpower the blonde.

One way to go about creating opal tones is to use an accent series. Dilute the accent series down with a clear haircolor, so that the accent color is not too dark or intense. Remember, the more subtle, the better. The key is to keep it delicate so that it doesn’t turn into pastel hair. You want the color to really show when it catches the light!


Want to learn how to use these tricks to the fullest, along with various balayage techniques? Andrea Harbison will be joining us at the American Institute of Haircolor on March 23rd to demonstrate all there is to know about blonding. Please call our Customer Service Team at 1(800) 221-3496 to sign up today!


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