Posted by All-Nutrient Professional on Feb 7, 2017

Retail success begins with great visual merchandising.


Appearance is beyond important when it comes to retail shelving. If the display is cluttered, disorganized, or even worse, nearly empty, people will not take notice. Product displays directly affect retail sales so here are some effective strategies you can incorporate to catch your customers' eyes and generate more business.


1. Always Have Ample Inventory

Clients will not take notice to an empty shelf, it’s that simple. Instead, they will see the empty spots and more often than not, assume things are out of stock. Think about how frustrated you get when you see an empty shelf of your fave items. Do you still go over and check out what else is available, or do you get annoyed and walk away? Always have at least three of each product on the shelf so it always looks stocked to the fullest. This will also prevent making a client wait for a product to be ordered. If they have to wait, chances are they will find it elsewhere. But be careful not to overstock your shelves. This can be overwhelming for customers!


2. Use Products You Carry

Only ever use products on your clients that you carry in the salon, whether it be shampoos and conditioners or styling products. Clients are more likely to purchase something you just used on them because they can see if they like the results, right then and there. If the client likes something they aren't able to purchase at the salon, it can be disappointing and decrease the chances of them making any retail purchase at all. Chances are, they would simply go to the store where the item is available and purchase whatever else they needed from there. Only using products you carry also gives you the opportunity to make the sale while your client is still in the chair because you get to talk about it as you use it and show your client how they can use the product at home.


3. Make Sure Pricing is Clear

Do not let a customer ask you how much something is! Make it easy on the client and have everything clearly marked. Believe it or not, some clients won't bother to ask at all, so this makes a big difference. You can choose to put the price on the bottle, on the shelves themselves, or on both. If you are putting price signs on the shelf, choose a legible font. This isn't the place to get fancy with text because you want to make sure your clients can clearly read each sign. Also, make sure the size of the text is large enough to be read. Try standing a few feet back and see if you can read them from there; if you can't, make adjustments until you can.  Or, have two stickers on the product: one stating, 'suggested price' and the other saying, 'our price'. Clients like to know they are getting a deal buying the product from the salon.


4. Use Actual Numbers

This goes hand-in-hand with the clear pricing rule. When having a special or a sale, try using actual price points, rather than a certain percentage off. It saves customers the hassle of figuring out the math themselves, or asking you to find out the price for them. The only exception to this rule is if items are 50 percent off. Half the cost of an item is typically easy to calculate, so it won't frustrate your customer. If you still want to have a percentage off sign, still have a dollar amount is listed either on the bottle, or an easy-to-see sign. The easier for the client, the better!


5. Have an Organization System

No one likes clutter, especially shoppers! It is exremely important to make sure your shelves are neatly organized and that they make sense. How frustrating would it be to find your shampoo on one shelf and your conditioner mixed in with the gels? Tastefully organize your shelf by product type. Have your shampoos and conditioners together, gels in one place, and sprays in another. From there, organize it by brand and line. Many brands color-coat their different lines to make them customer-friendly as well. Bottom line, keep things neat and easy to find! 


6. Mix it Up

Change your set-up every 2-4 weeks to keep it engaging. The eye is always drawn to what is new, so clients will take notice to change, therefore it essential to mix things up every couple of weeks. Clients get accustomed to seeing the display, so once they’re familiar with it, they are less likely to see what you have. Things tend to blur into the background when they are used to it being in the same spot. Keeping your product display fresh makes the items stand out, whether they have been there for a long time or not. This way, the client also feels as if you're always getting new products in and staying up to date with all of your items. Make your prducts jump out and leave your client saying, "Wow, I never noticed this product before!"


7. Use Great Displays to Tap Seasonal Sales

Many drug stores reserve an entire aisle for seasonal sales, and salons should create a special display of these items, too! In the summer, for example, position lip conditioners and sun protectors along with colorsafe products —it's an easy way to visually communicate that color protectors are as important as SPF skin care.  Add a hair proteinizer as well, and explain it allows maximum conditioning when your hair is exposed to the sun—and helps reduce the effects of salt and chlorine. And don't forget to add summer-related items like sunglasses, hats and flip flops to your displays, along with hot summer nail colors. The more summery and colorful your displays, the better, (just remember to avoid clutter!). Seasonal displays should always reflect your total image, be it green, minimalist or classic.

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