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Social media is inevitably becoming the next big frontier for businesses and marketing. Whether you’re a salon owner or booth renter, understanding social media is the first step to establishing your individual brand as a stylist. Online adults ages 18 to 34 are most likely to follow a brand via social networking.
Do you know why?

Today, people will research companies, products, and services before they invest in them. Whether it’s a one-time purchase or not, people want to read reviews and ultimately see results from the product or service they are going to buy. Many people, especially millennials have become increasingly frugal with money. People don’t want to spend the cash if the product or service simply isn’t worth the price. Your online pages like Facebook and Instagram are the first things people will search for when looking for a new salon or stylist. These pages have become a way for potential clients to see your work before deciding if your chair is where they want to go. Your page has to pull them in from the start, then continue to entertain and educate them on why your chair is the best choice. Below are five tips to help you launch your Instagram portfolio.


Step 1: Create Your Name

The first step in creating an attractive, entertaining, and educating page – your name. Your handle is essentially your pen name, so choose something that rolls off the tounge and that people will recognize you by. Your name is how you will build clientele and get recognition. Often times this is how people will refer to you in person after becoming a follower.

Your name should be yours, not a copy of someone else's, only accompanied by underscores. If a name is taken, try to create something unique that is short and describes who you are and/or what you do. For example, if the name "Colorbychris" is what you wanted, but it is taken, instead of using "color_by_chris,"  think about what makes you unique or what your strengths are. If coloring is your strength, but you specialize in balayage, maybe your name is "balayagebychris," "chrislovescolor," or "paintedbychris." (Which would make a great hashtag, but we'll get to that later!)


Step 2: Show The World Your Work, Not Personal Life. 

If you have a page that is a combination of professional and personal images – split 'em up! Make a separate professional page that is public. Keep your brunch, pets, kids, and selfies to a personal Instagram that is private. You may be thinking, “but my clients love to see what’s going on in my life, we’re friends.” While that may be true, your professional page is your digital portfolio that showcases all of your work. This page is not only a means of keeping current clients engaged, but more importantly, is to gain new followers and eventually turn them into clients. Save your mimosas and eggs benedict for your other page.

Bonus tip: If you can’t contain your lifestyle and need to share what you’re up to, use your Instagram stories feature. The story will disappear after 24 hours, that way you've shared a bit of your life in the moment, but it won't interrupt your page's visual aesthetic. Many people say, "Oh I use Snapchat for that," but chances are your Snapchat feed is filled with a majority of close friends, not clients. Your Instagram likely has double the followers and people are more likely to find you on Instagram before they even thinks about finding you on Snapchat. Take short clips while attending educational classes, throughout the day in the salon, or of a new product you love, but make sure it all loops back to being about you as a stylist.


Step 3: Creating Breathtaking Imagery.

One key factor in the need to create visual content is the massive decline in attention spans. Let's face it, people today are a bit lazier than we were decades ago. People want to consume the most amount of information with the least amount of effort. Posting a visually interesting photo or video to your pages allows your followers to absorb all the key pieces of info they need, without having to do much at all, other than flick their thumb across a screen.

Take the extra time to set up a space in your salon that has good lighting and a clean background. If you don’t have good lighting. Click here to check out a popular tool used in salons called a "ring light," which projects cool, LED lighting right onto your subject for even lighting every time. The background doesn't have to be a plain white wall either; it could be a textured wall like brick or wood, just as long as it's cohesive. Making sure the background is clean or just one pattern allows people to focus on the hair, not the stylists working in the background or the wall of products behind them. This will make your feed clean and consistent, forcing your followers to admire your work. Some Instagramers are even begining to get recognition for their backgrounds! Do not underestimate this.


Step 4: Hashtags Are Your Friend.

Hashtags - maybe you love ‘em, maybe you hate ‘em. The bottom line is you need them in order to grow a following outside of face-to-face and word-of-mouth followers. Instagram is an online book of inspiration, not only for clients, but for other stylists. If you search #balayage, over 9 million images pop up. This is a way to expose your page to hundreds, thousands, even millions of people! Hashtag words that describe your image, the color, the technique, and/or the products you used. This is will get people and big time pages to notice you seriously.  

For example, if you hashtag "BTCpics" and Behind The Chair features you, your image is now going to be seen by over one million people. You’ve likely come across a page where a stylist was talking about some free product they got from their color line and thought, "I want free product!" These stylist that get the free product are using tags to market themselves to the color line they are using, hoping to ultimately become a brand ambassador for them. The color line wants to encourage that stylist to keep using their product and grow both of their followings. Staying connected with a company online is also a great way to create a relationship with them that could potentially change your career. However, don’t just tag big companies to get extra views, be honest with your post, people will respect that more.


Step 5: Be Genuine.

This brings us to the last tip – be genuine. Your page should be yours, not a copy of someone else's. Most importantly, DO NOT YOUR EDIT PHOTOS. If you hike up the contrast or saturation on a photo to make it look more vibrant and a client comes in and asks for the same color, the result will be drastically different than what they expected. Making sure you have the right tools to create proper lighting and spending some extra time on styling will enhance your result naturally and there will be no need to edit photos!


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