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Did you know that approximately only 10% of your following will see your posts? Five years ago, this wasn't the case. However, as more businesses utilize Facebook, more posts flood the newsfeed. So how can you compete?

Having a Facebook business page is absolutely essential in order to compete in today's world. In fact, younger generations now expect a business to be on Facebook and it is often the first place they look. But, with nearly every business on social media today, there comes more competition as others vie for your client's attention as well. There are approximately 50 million small business pages on Facebook, but only 2.5 million are considered active. Make sure you are one of the active ones.
So, you know you don't want to get lost in the Facebook Newsfeed, but how can you make sure your posts are seen? On top of that, how can you make your posts stand out? Many are not utilizing Facebook to its full advantage when it comes to marketing. It gives you all the tools necessary to engage with current clients, as well as reach new ones. Follow these tips so that your salon is getting the attention it deserves!





Use Facebook Insights

The first step to making sure your posts are seen is to do research. Luckily, Facebook makes this easy for you. Facebook tracks your page's analytics and monitors your audience’s activity, giving you easy access to some seriously helpful information. It neatly tracks page views, people reached, people engaged, website clicks, and more. You can see what percentage of males and females like your page, as well as the typical location of your audience and the most popular time of day they are online. You can even view the most common age ranges of the clients you are reaching.

Use the results you find to make the most impact with your posts. For example, if you know that most of your audience is online between 2 PM and 4 PM, you can schedule your posts accordingly. Or, if you know your primary audience is female, you can focus on posts that appeal to women, or use that information to try and create content that draws more men in. 

Beyond getting a good idea of who your audience is, you can see what posts were the most successful (or least). This gives you advantageous insight into what works and what doesn't. If you notice a trend of certain posts falling flat, change something about them. Maybe they don't have an image associated with the content, or maybe the content itself just isn't helpful. Whatever it is, find the commonality and make a change. Vice versa, if you notice that particular posts are doing really well, stick with them! You can compare the successful posts with unsuccessful ones and adjust, or tweak what is necessary.


Know Your Audience 

Think about who your clients are. What is their age range? Location? Gender? What type of interests do they have? If, for example, a majority of your loyal clientele are women between the ages of 55 and 75, make sure to target them with your posts. They may not want to see “12 Styles Perfect for Summer Music Festivals,” but they would want to see content that would be useful to them. For example, “10 Tips for Keeping Hair Healthy, Shiny, and Youthful.” Don't limit yourself though to one or the other however. Just be sure to keep a balance so that all of your audience can enjoy something on your page.

Now, who is your ideal client? Maybe you want to expand your current clientele and attract new customers. Ask yourself, “Whom am I trying to bring into my salon?” Once you really think about the kind of client base you’re trying to build, you can start to create content that grabs their attention as well, rather than just focusing on content for clients you already have. So, if you’re trying to increase male clientele, maybe post a tutorial or blog on men's styling, or show more before and after pictures of men's cuts.    


Use Visual Aid

According to Hubspot, Facebook posts with images see 2.3x more engagement than posts without images, while 4x as many consumers would rather watch a video about a product or service, than read about it. Knowing these statistics, incorporate more visuals into your posts. While it's easy to scroll past a couple of sentences, images and video will grab the attention of the viewer. 

If video is intimidating to you, start off small. Take short clips from your cell phone of hair coloring, styling, and/or cutting and upload those. It doesn't have to be a long tutorial to get the reaction you're looking for. Also start taking before and after photos of your clients and share them on your page (with your client's permission). This allows you to build content in a simple way and shows off your skills. Everyone loves to see a transformation and there is no better way to market yourself in the beauty industry than by showing your talent. If others like what they see, they will likely keep you in mind for their next salon visit. Encourage your clients to tag themselves in the photos so that your image appears on their Facebook page and their friends' newsfeeds as well. 


Boost Posts

It’s simple; you need to reach more people to engage more people. While all of these guidelines will help you to increase how many people you reach, this one lets Facebook do the work for you. If you have some extra money in your marketing budget (even five dollars), boost your Facebook post, so that it goes beyond the average reach. This would be especially beneficial when you're trying to promote a special, event, or a contest. You can customize it for a certain time, basing it on when your fans on most frequently online (found on your Facebook Insights page). Or, you can tailor it to a certain audience by selecting a location, age range, and gender, as well as various interests. You can choose to boost the post so that it only reaches those who have already liked your page, or if you're goal is to get more "likes," customize it for your ideal clientele.

The better you understand your customer base, the better you can target those who are likely to be interested in your business. So, if your salon centers around all-natural or organic haircare, it is going to appeal more to a more “green” and health-conscious audience. That interest typically goes beyond a beauty routine, expanding to personal and environmental health as well. Think about what else goes along with being health-conscious and eco-friendly. You would probably also be interested in targeting those who care about natural remedies, healthy diets, superfoods, animal rights, the environment, and more. 


Interact With Audience

So, you've established your audience base and feel happy about the number of fans you have; now what? You need to keep your clients happy! The more you actually engage with your clients, the more people your post will reach. Facebook factors engagement into their algorithm. Clients who share things, or comment on your page want to connect with you. If you are not taking the time to "like" or respond to a comment on Facebook, it gives the impression that you do not care about your client. If you don't care about your customer's posts, why should they care about yours? 

Beyond responding to comments, you can share content a client has shared with you, directly to your page. This adds a more personal touch and makes people feel a little special. In turn, they may share a post from your page so that their friends will see it as well. 

Be sure to respond to messages in a timely manner as well. The time is takes you to respond to a message is public information, so if your response time is high, consumers are less likely to engage with you via social media. It 

You can also engage customers by asking questions in your posts. Instead of posting, "15 Updo Styles," with a caption that says, "We love number 12," mix it up and try, "We love number 12, which style is your favorite?" 


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