Posted by All-Nutrient Professional on Sep 6, 2016

Give more to get more. Add value to your business with intro sizes.

Not only do they offer more opportunity and enticement for the client, but travel (or "intro") sizes help increase your revenue as well. It’s a win-win for the stylist and their client. Learn exactly what makes these minis so effective.


1. The "Added Value" Approach

Many salons offer new client specials discounting a certain percentage off a service. But how many offer new client gift bags? A gift bag, complete with a few intro-sized products that were used during the service, is intriguing and offers a special, personal touch for a new customer. You leave them wondering with excitement, “Ooh, I wonder what’s inside,” or “I can’t wait to try these out!” 

Gift bags are also extremely cost effective. For example, if a salon offers 20% off of a $75 dollar service, they lose out on $15. But if that salon used this $15 dollars to purchase five travel-sized products to include in a gift bag, there is an added value of $30. The client still pays the $75, but the total value of the service has increased to $105. What a bargain!


2. A Chance... At A Smaller Price

Intro sizes give clients a way to try the product without dramatically increasing their bill. Not everyone is willing to commit to a full-size if they haven’t sampled the product, or if their service bill is already high, so these intro versions are a safe bet for your customers. Plus, it is a much easier route to get the product right into their hand, increasing the likelihood of them trying more products, or purchasing the full retail size.


3. Service - With A Bonus!

Add intro sizes into the cost of a service. Not only is it much easier than pushing a sale at the end of a visit, but chances are, customers will return for the full-size. For example, if a client comes in for a color service, include a couple of color-prolonging minis for at-home-maintenance. This is also a great way to get your male clientele interested in retail products. Try styling them with a gel or pomade and send them home with the intro size version of what you used. People are more likely to test out a new look or try a new product if it is at no cost to them.


4. Giveaways and Promotions

Salons are often asked to provide gift baskets or complimentary services for local charity fundraisers, including auctions and raffles.  These intro sizes are a perfect way to contribute, as well as to hand out during events.  They are also ideal for any in-salon promotions, such as ladies/men’s nights, or a birthday special. Full-size giveaways can be expensive, so intro sizes allow salons to give “more” at the same price. These intro sizes also make more of an impression than your average sample packet.


5. Of Course... Traveling

More and more people are living an “on-the-go” lifestyle and the beauty industry needs to cater to clients’ needs. These intro sizes can easily be kept in a car, or tossed into a purse, desk, or gym bag. People need their beauty routine "to-go" and don’t want to have to lug their full-size products around, especially when they need them at home, too. The ability to purchase travel-sized products at a fraction of the price is an opportunity you cannot let pass. Make it easy on your client! 

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