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Frances is a multi-faceted legend in her ability to traverse different areas in the industry, producing dozens of educational videos for hair designers with photo work appearing in numerous magazines worldwide.


Frances' salon, London Hair, established in 1978, specializes in cutting-edge makeovers that bring out the natural beauty of every face shape. With over 40 years in the beauty industry, she has inspired thousands of stylists through her infectious love of hairdressing. Frances offered insight on the must-have haircuts trending for Fall - and beyond. Whether you’re edgy or not, a fan of the “styled” revival or the sexy Sauvage look, this of-the-moment trio of top cuts meets real needs. All can be adjusted to suit almost any personal style or sensibility, making them the “mane” inspiration for lesser trends.



1. The Micro Pixie

The uber-short pixie comes with a built-in seasonal bonus: no “hat” hair in winter, flat top or static. Let it lie flat or muss it up, no matter. Depending on how short the top—and whether it’s paired with a short bang, a long one or a close-cropped mini-quiff—it can be wash-and-go or textured up top. Soft sideburns, a wispy tapered nape and its ability to hug a head shape all make it uber-feminine. It’s also great for controlling curl, and a longer top lets you tap a micro trend—adding a top braid to a pixie.

If you have fine hair, the micro pixie is perfect for making the most of what’s there—just be sure that it isn’t so sparse that a super-short cut shows too much scalp. Aussie actress Mia Wasikowska's is minimal and Parisian, Ginnifer Goodwin upgraded Snow White with one in television’s Once Upon a Time, and Helen Mirren and Judi Dench prove the short pixie has star power.


  • To Pull it Off: While this cut works best with petite and proportional face shapes, it’s really all about individuality and attitude. Think of it as the “bossy” cut. Younger women can look striking in it; busy women of any age who like a consistent image and appreciate minimal styling can use it to convey confidence.
  • Versatility Factor: Main options in customized adjustments involve the top length, bangs, and whether or not it’s blended or gets longer fast near the rounds of the head. Now, styling products can be combed through to slick it back for a wet look, raked-in for an ribboned texture or finger-pulled upward to create lift or twists.
  • Maintenance: Trims every 4 weeks are pretty much de rigueur.
  • Color Opps: End tipping, rooting and undercut shadowing all change the expression of this cut. It’s one of the best choice for giving silver a spin and of course, it lets you grow out fashion colors fast.



2. The Mid-Length Layered Bob

Popular with women from all walks of life, the mid-length layered bob is the best alternative to that infamous “Mom” cut, which was parodied on SNL TV. It’s just as easy care but much more feminine, and it beats out blunt bobs hands-down because the straighter the line, the harder the look. Movement is what makes hair soft, pretty and versatile, and a mid-length layered bob lets the wearer have fullness and body by simply lifting the layers.

Moschino sent out models at the Winter 2016/2017 runway show with a slightly shortened version to showcase the revival of hair that’s styled again, via ladylike ends that flipped up or ended in soft waves and even jumbled curls. For those who like it casual, mid-length is the new ‘it’ look precisely because it’s so middle ground: neither daringly chopped nor ridiculously extended. Jennifer Aniston opted for the look when she wanted to shed the ‘Rachel,’ Kerry Washington’s version uses just a few long layers to soften the front and Emma Stone’s iron curled, soft waves showcase the cut’s youthful ease.


  • To Pull it Off: Anyone can wear it because it works with any face shape and is flattering at any age. For those over 40, it’s the new face lift.
  • Versatility Factor: Talk about a 10! This cut can be adjusted to work with any hair type or texture, get layered at the ends or layered all over, incorporate bangs or not and be styled any way from flat-ironed straight to curled-up or blown-out full.
  • Maintenance: Time between trims is extended until layers lose their shape around 7 weeks.
  • Color Opps: Anything is on the table from blonde and balayaged to intensely toned or ombred.



3. The Long Sauvage

Long known as the non-hairstyle hairstyle, the French Coupe Sauvage (chopped-off wild) taps into and surpasses the idea that long is the new norm for blue-chip, high-rent hair. With women of every age going to great lengths, the long Sauvage, with its lush layers, full bangs and sometimes disconnected longer lengths represents the ultimate evolution from long and straight. It not only allows shape, it avoids a cookie-cutter cut because simple styling can shift it from effortless ease to seriously sexy.

Think of it as the quintessential Victoria’s Secret runway cut that can be calmed down with soft curves or heated up with spiky ends. Celebrities of all ages, fashionistas and even royalty love it: today, Princess Diana would have dropped the demure pageboy and gone full-on Sauvage. Think Jane Fonda in “Barbarella,” Heidi Klum at her hottest and J. Lo sizzling on stage. The Americanized version goes beyond casual when you either fingerstyle or direct airflow from a blower upward toward layers, as you mist-on hairspray.


  • To Pull it Off: All it takes is long hair and a fierce feel for fashion.
  • Versatility Factor: There are shorter and tamer versions but why take the French flair out of the hair? If you prefer, opt for above bra-length and style layers for a daytime ‘do by adding simple shape.
  • Maintenance: Get regular trims and adjust extensions if you need them for the look. Hint: avoid heavy-at-the-bottom extensions, a surefire tip-off they’re fake.
  • Color Opps: It would be a crime against fashion not to at least add balayage highlights to hair this mobile.


Because all three cuts are easy to customize—longer/shorter, more/less layers, full fringe or not—they inspire exploration into other looks. A micro pixie might lead to a buzz cut or an undercut with long top lengths. The mid-length layered bob can be blunt in back or not. The long Sauvage can transform into a totally disconnected cut or a softer one. Whichever way you adapt one of the three, if there’s one take-home, it’s that haircuts are looser and free fall/winter, providing the perfect playground for color.


Frances will be featured at All-Nutrient's education headquarters, The American Institute of Haircolor, on October 24th. She will be teaching these trending cuts in the ultimate hands-on experience. Reserve your spot here.  

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