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 Hairstylist Jennifer Bullock is on the rise. Her creative and fun approach to haircolor brings new life to classic colors & styles.


From the age of 10, Jennifer Bullock has had her hands in hair. Growing up in a family that worked with color and fabric it’s no surprise that fashion is what fuels All-Nutrient’s newest Design Team Member.

“Everyone in my family has this eye for color. My father and grandfather both work as colorists in printing and my grandmother is a seamstress. She's the town 'it' girl, everyone goes to her!” Bullock said.

Aside from her immediate family, a close friend of her mother was a hairstylist and while Jennifer claims the stylist started teaching her about hair... her mothers friend will argue Jennifer was the one asking questions.

"She always says, 'No, no, no, YOU asked about why I was pulling the hair at an angle, what the process was for color and soon she'd say,' Jump in here! Hold the hair or hold this brush,'” Bullock said.

Only few years later at age 12, Jennifer began cutting her family's hair, her friends hair, her brother's friends hair, and even friends of her parents all on her own.

Laughing, Bullock said, “Its funny to think back now as an adult because I would never let my friends 12 year old daughter cut my hair!"

But quickly cutting with shears turned into advanced cutting with razors, and her skills as a makeup artist were growing too. At age 14, a freshman in high school, Jennifer was not only doing advanced cut and color, but makeup for weddings, quinceañeras, and again looks back and laughs that she was, "14 and in charge of how women looked on the biggest days of their lives!"

So naturally when she began vocational school she signed up for cosmetology.

"It wasn't even fun to tell people because they were like, 'well duh! You've been doing hair forever!'” Bullock said.

However, hearing many adults talk about how they disliked their jobs discouraged her from following her passion at first. "I didn’t want to not like doing hair, because I loved doing hair, but thought maybe it was more of a hobby and at the time didn't fit that white collar job description," Bullock said. At the last minute, she switched tracks to study dentistry and pursued that career for 12 years. Still coloring, cutting, and styling for friends on the side.

But once the youngest of her three children was old enough to attend school full time, Jennifer said it was finally time to do what she has loved all along – hair.

Journey to Master Stylist & Educator

She immediately enrolled in cosmetology school and on the Fridays she had off during the week worked for free in  any salon that would take her to get real hands-on experience.

 “I learned so much along the way while working in the salon because I was able to apply what I was learning in school to the real world,” Bullock said.

Her mentor at school was also a salon owner and Jennifer began working at her salon consistently every Friday. With graduation past approaching,  Jennifers mentor connected her with a salon owner in Chicago –  her dream city to work in. 

"The day after my last day of school, we hit the road and moved our family to Chicago," Bullock said.

In Chicago, Jennifer began working for a woman named Julie who not only owned the salon but several beauty schools. After completing a six-month long associate program Jennifer was able to hit the floor as a level 1 stylist. Quickly advancing, Jennifer had gone from a level 1 stylist to a level 4 stylist in just three years and began traveling to nearby schools as a guest speaker and educator.

Screen Shot 2018-05-04 at 3.43.48 PM

But just as quick, her family craved more space and was tired of the city life. So again, they hit the road to their next destination, Colorado. For the past four years Downtown Boulder has been Jennifer's home, and she currently works at The Paul Morrison Colours salon

Before moving to Colorado, Jennifer was studying for the American Board of Certified Haircolorists (ABCH) and was searching for a salon that valued ABCH. After being hired, she found out that salon owner Paul Morrison was a board member for the ABCH and helped guide her while studying for the exam.

"It's a pretty prestigious certification, because it is a lot of in-depth science and chemistry. It was a big deal to me to get that certification. It was also so refreshing to be in a salon that focused on the real stuff. The chemistry and science behind the color, not the fluff, glitter, and marketing that gets thrown at you once you finish school," Bullock said.

Previously using All-Nutrient in Chicago, when she arrived in Colorado her salon was searching for a more natural colorline, and she suggested they try All-Nutrient. With now more than 7 years experience with All-Nutrient, Jennifer is constantly creating new styles and colors that keep classic looks and trends fresh!

"I'm still so crazy about hair, I don't know why I didn't go into it at the beginning. I'm still on the honeymoon of it all! It's amazing what you can do when you have a license in your hands. I'm always thirsty for more and more education. To me, hair is all about the balance between art and science, because thats what we [stylists] do all day long. You can't achieve the art and have that predictability if you don't understand the science behind it, and that was my first fall in love moment with All-Nutrient," Bullock said.

But its not just the science that keeps her hungry– there's Fashion Week! 

Blog Quote1Fashion & Haircolor 

"I have an addiction to fashion and Fashion Week. It happens every season and I get excited all over again!" Bullock said. 

Pulling her color and texture inspirations from the runways, Bullock said that hair has always followed what's happening in fashion.

For example, "We saw fashion transition to these loose, bohemian, no-shape looks and hair reflected that. Hair was long, shapeless, and texturized to hell with beach waves. Now, everyone has cut their hair to blunt lobs but that shattered texture is still inside of it. So it's still beach waves but with a hard end to it, and thats because fashion changed."

Cuts of clothing started to have an edge to them, tops and dresses were more tailored and structured. People began wearing tunics with belts, showing more shape of the body, similar to way haircuts started to frame the face, and enhance natural features.

"We started seeing more of the jaw shape, the cheek bones, creating a more tailored look for that person with hair,"Bullock said.

Fashion wasn't only changing shape and texture but colors began making a place on the runways. "Clothing colors were brown, tan, and beige and hair reflected that. Now we're starting to see vibrant color again. Hair went to the extreme with fashion colors but now is faded and becoming more toned down, more real."

Screen Shot 2018-05-04 at 4.20.05 PM

"I joke with my clients that have violet colors in their hair that they have, 'natural purple.' Because thats essentially what were after," Bullock said.

For Jennifer there are endless ways to make her clients feel on trend, and values the importance of keeping her clients look fresh and fun. "You don't have to change your hair all the time or wear obnoxious colors to be on trend, its about creating a customized look for that client based off a trend," Bullock said.

She explained,  "Trends used to be when everybody had the middle part, or when everyone had the bob, but it had nothing to do with anatomy or face shape. So now, we get to customize that trend and put an edge to it. When straight hair is in, you can keep the shape thats right for your client whether thats short, medium, or long and wear it slick straight," Bullock said.

She continued, "For color, you can be a brunette and wear that trendy mauve-violet tone that you only see when the sun hits your hair. Or you can be a blonde and have a rose-gold tint to it, and be a red head but have peachy undertones. This way it still feels natural and like their hair but it has been customized to have an individual interest that makes people look twice. Those are the things that come from the runways."

PURPLEdress & swatch

This Spring, Jennifer has found inspiration in fashion designer Marchesa."She really captures the cut and the colors that are on trend right now and is consistent all the way through her collection with the colors she uses," Bullock said.

Focusing on light and airy pastel pink, peach, mauve, and violet fabrics Jennifer has created a "Fashion Forward" haircolor collection based on making those popular colors wearable.

"I like to say lets throw a filter on it. Because filter is a word you see everywhere on social media, Instagram, Snapchat and people use filters because they usually enhance an image so its more relatable for clients to understand."

PINK hair & swtaches

But most importantly Jennifer just wants her clients to feel like the best version of themselves and able to live their lives with a touch of fun, "For example, if we are already doing balayage, whats a touch we can add? Lets put a filter over it. This way it's practical, real, and the same service but with a touch of something new, on trend, realistic and goes with their lifestyle," Bullock said.

Whether that lifestyle is going to a soccer game, a meeting at work, or a girls night out, Jennifer knows the perfect mix of color and style for every client!





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