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Meet All-Nutrient Educator Emily Murphy! The Rhode Island native will be teaching at our headquarters November 5th! Learn more about her success as a young salon owner here!




At 21 years old, All-Nutrient Educator Emily Murphy purchased her own salon. While most celebrate their 21st year bar hopping, Murphy spent her days off attending as much continuing education as she could. Five years later that craving for knowledge and her business are still going strong!

Located in Rhode Island, Murphy's Salon 240 competes with about 25 other salons in the area making it even harder to establish her name. However, the young entrepreneur was determined to be the “go-to” person in her salon regardless of her age.

 “I had worked my way up in the salon, starting as a receptionist, then assistant, and stylist so when I walked in as owner I had seen all views of the industry. I had to say, 'I’m in charge now and this is how we are going to do things,' and I knew I had to be the person that anyone could come to for help or questions,” Murphy said.

Her team oriented spirit and willingness to expand her skills has encouraged her staff to grow as stylists too.

“I want us all to learn and play with new products and tools that way we are all on the same page. If we get a new product, I’ll take the class on it, call a huddle and tell them what makes this product good, what its used for, what the properties of it are, and a script to tell clients.” She continued,” If you aren’t learning, you will be behind and clients will leave because you haven’t done something new to their hair.”

Yet another thing Murphy’s salon provides – edge. 

emilyphotosblogWhile staying on top of current trends and techniques surely helps, Murphy offers her clients blunt advice.

“I just tell people how it is! If someone comes in wanting this platinum, see through, no red, no gold, ice color I say, 'Its not happening Today, but I want you to come back.’ I’ll tell them that anyone else will gladly take them and charge them for a full day but you’ll be back at my chair saying, ‘what happened to my hair!?’ I just inform people that it takes time and the integrity of the hair is most important.”

Murphy said that she’s also a “big fan” of giving clients a look that they can maintain themselves.

“Sure, I can make your hair look great, but when you get home and wash it and have no idea what to do with it, that’s not cool. Even if someone doesn’t want to style their hair at all, I’ll work with them on achieving a look that’s wash and wear too," Murphy said.

Her refreshing honesty and desire to thrive is fueled by an obsession with color and how it works, approaching each color service with a “scientific method.”

“It’s like being back in Chemistry 101 if you will, I go over what the constant is, what the variables are. If this is what we are starting with, what are the steps needed to get to that end goal? What will stop us from achieving that goal? So, I look at things like the client’s texture, porosity, eye color, skin tone and take all these variables into the equation,” Murphy said.

Not only does she learn from each person that sits in her chair but by creating her own encyclopedia of creative color from leftover hair.

“I’m a hair hoarder” Murphy jokes. “You can play around on hair extensions all day but usually that hair has been through so much processing or has been chemically sealed and the color you get isn’t always a true result ... When I  have a client who’s hair maybe isn’t long enough to donate I’ll keep the hair and lighten it, use a high lift color, or experiment with a formula I thought of at night and just see how the product reacts on a variety of hair types!”

Murphy especially loves experimenting with fashion colors. “Fashion colors are so attractive to me because you don’t see them that often, not everyone wants them, not everyone can pull them off and there are just so many ways you can incorporate them into a look.”

From subtle pastel tones and a pop of color on dipped ends to full head of as Murphy calls it, “BAM, here it is” color she always gets excited when her clients allow her to set that passion for creative color free!


Emily will be teaching PREP. PAINT. CREATE on November 5th, 2018 at 

All-Nutrient’s New Hampshire headquarters.

The class will focus on how to create the perfect canvas for fashion color application, fun fashion color formulations for all tones, along with application techniques for rainbow roots,
color blocking, and color melting!
Click below or CALL 1-800-221-3496 to sign up!



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