Posted by All-Nutrient Professional on Dec 29, 2017

In the coming year, the most popular hair cuts will be easy, adaptable and customized for hair type and texture. 

  1. The Bob

    French hairdresser Antoine “invented” the bob when he introduced the “bobbed” style around 1909 in Paris, where it soon became known as, “coupe a la Jeanne D’Arc” in a nod to the French heroine. It’s been perfected by many because it stands for a strong, independent woman (and it’s easy care), which is why now is the perfect time for it to re-emerge as a trend topper. For 2018, it will be longer or shorter than the old “lob,” adjusted to frame the face or slicked back and notched or flipped at the ends. The new, anything-but-boring bob will almost always be paired with bangs because they, too, are easy to personalize. The softly layered bob will be a curly hair favorite, while the “Sci-Fi” bob, which is blunt, sharply angled and paired with a short bang, will be a favorite of younger women who want to emulate the strength and power of their movie heroines.

  2. The Lived-in Shag

    Mid-length and super sexy, the shag takes on bespoke layers that are grown-out on straight hair and never too boxy when paired with natural curl. The idea is to avoid looking like you’re trying too hard to be hot. Shorter shags with fewer layers work with fine hair, while longer locks are easy to style with extra progressive layers. Of course, long shags are always on—especially for those who add hair extensions to the story. No one will wear a shag without the longer bangs that add to a feathery look, create a peek-a-boo eye effect or advance that rocker girl vibe. If there is one dictum, it’s that the cut never look “salon fresh.” That would kill the whole lived-in, tousle-and-go appeal that’s part of "cool-girl" hair. The edgiest bi-level evolution will be the return of the Mullet—but it’ll eventually get a new name.

  3. The Mid-Length with Graduated Layers

    Do you see a theme here? Mid-length cuts are adaptable to any face shape and flattering at any age; light layers add oomph to fine hair and graduated layers add control to denser hair. Any shoulder-grazing cut conceals a less-than-perfect jaw line and can be flat ironed, curled or pulled up—all the way or partially. This cut also makes defining curls or building-in volume easy, so it pares down routines for women with all hair types. The freshest way to wear it will be side-parted with long bangs.

  4. Long and Longer

    One look at Instagram and it’s clear: Tens of thousands of young girls won’t give up their long hair soon. But those calling it “Cher Hair” are wrong. It’s not as long and it’s rarely super sleek. More celebrity-influenced than any group, these girls know when a Kardashian is wearing a wig and want it past the shoulders and curled or “session styled,”—they could not care less about runway. The look requires layers and shaggy ends but despite the like for the latter, irregular razoring and slide-cutting will keep ends from looking old, split or frizzy. The newest tweaks will be interchangeable far-side or center parts and curtain bangs. Long-hair lovers get all the versatility they want with styling shifts like cascading curls, boho fingercombing, braids and parted-off and pulled-back top sections.

  5. Boyfriend Cuts

    When girls hit the short circuit, it’s most likely to be with an undercut or a grown-out pixie. The newest take on the cut skips the longer overhang and uses the closely undercut area for color pops and even barber-inspired designs. Those who like the overhang will want it to move off a far side part and add extra, asymmetrical length. Super curl will look great in a styled-up pixie that comes from palm rolling or boosting natural texture. When straight hair is pixie cut, it’ll be worn longer with details that frame the face for a Parisian approach. An edgy take on the boyfriend is the bowl cut that pays homage to boy bands of the ‘60s, while taking the fringe shorter. For all these cuts, bangs are paramount because they represent the next hottest cut trend.

  6. All About the Bangs

    Bangs will be used to more effect than ever, whether it’s to frame the face, showcase the eyes or conceal a frown line. The add-on for all ages, bangs’ trend-tapping versions include curtain bangs, which are longer and center parted, eye-covering bangs, feathery ‘70s style ones and short, blunt bangs, which add a strong edge to any geek-girl look. Among all the variations, piecy and textured bangs will suit almost anyone, making them the year’s hair-cut must have.

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