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Lights. Camera. Action! Who isn't inspired by the glitz and glamour of a photo shoot, but have you ever thought of hosting one of your own?

Imagine your vision coming to life before your very eyes. Would the setting be inside or outdoors? What would you want the models wearing? How do you even go about finding models? It’s time to ignite that creative energy and get planning! The All-Nutrient Design Team is here to help. These five tips from Trent Day and Vince Smith will help you carve the path for a successful photo shoot.


1. Pick a Theme

The first step of ANY photo shoot is coming up with a concept. Do you want something eccentric or natural? Funky or sophisticated? Every style has to have a story to it. This sets the tone for rest of the shoot. You want people looking at the images to know that this is a collection, that these images are all connected. It’s important to know what the feel of the story is before you decide on the rest of the components. How do I choose a theme? First decide: “Who is my target audience?”

Trent first questions, "what is the purpose and who is the photo shoot for?” Is it something you’re doing as an industry , or is it something you’re doing locally? "Local is always going to be totally different. It will most likely be a little bit more editorial, a little bit more commercial and not quite so edgy, depending on where you live.”

Once you know what you are trying to accomplish, you can begin to ask yourself, “Okay, now that I know my purpose, what is the look I want and how am I going to achieve that?”


2. Create a Storyboard

You can’t have a photo shoot without a storyboard. Capture and communicate your vision through images that convey what you’re looking for. Beauty and photography are visual industries, so why tell people your idea, when you can SHOW them? Compile images for every aspect of the shoot: wardrobe, makeup, hair, setting, lighting, photography, camera angles, and models.

Vince suggests to, "collect images from the internet, from magazines, and put them all together to give someone an idea of where you’re going. Then, you can augment that with words explaining how these images express what you’re looking for."

He also emphasizes the importance of a team atmosphere, so be sure to allow your team to add to the storyboard and “express their own interpretation of what you’ve given them as inspiration. You get this synergy and you come out, a lot of times, with things that you never would have thought of on your own and are better than you would have expected.”


3. Predict Trends

You want your images to still be relevant in six months, so it is extremely important to extend your focus beyond what is current. Shift your thinking from “what is happening,” to “what will be happening?” How do you go about predicting the next big thing? Vince says, “pay attention to fashion, pay attention to fashion week and what the designers are doing, but take inspiration from anywhere. From flowers and nature, from current events -it could be anything.”

Designers always release their collections way before the next season hits. Use this to your advantage! Pay attention to the colors, fabrics, and embellishments, as well as hair and makeup. Notice the patterns from collection to collection and determine the hot colors of the upcoming season, as well as the different cuts and general styles. Keep in mind that runway style is very different from everyday wear. If your photo shoot is for a local audience, adapt these trends to fit your theme because, according to Trent, “What might work in New York City, might not work in Val Rico, Florida, but you can fine tune it and do what does work in your own community.”


4. Location, Location, Location

For a beauty shoot, you do not necessarily need a large space; however, you do need to be sure it fits your needs. If you are doing haircolor on your models, make sure there are sinks. Also, think about the mess involved with haircoloring or makeup. What kind of floors does the studio have? Is there a lot of expensive furniture around? Bring protective covering, so that no damage is done! If there is a lot of hairstyling involved, find out how many outlets are available and test the power. You don’t want to blow a circuit halfway through styling the hair. What about the lighting? Is natural light pouring in through the windows, or do you need to create more of your own?

If you are doing a shoot outdoors, you need to think about where you are doing the hair. Do you need to set up a station? Is there a studio, salon, or room you can rent close by? From there, you can start the preparation of what you need to bring with you, that your setting does not have already.


5. Trade for Trade

The best way to keep the cost down of a photo shoot is to do a trade shoot. Many up-and-coming photographers, models, and wardrobe, hair and makeup stylists are looking to build their portfolio, so this provides a great opportunity, as long as all involved offer an equal value. Remember, you're not providing a free service! It is an exchange between talented parties. Everyone must gain something out of the trade, or there would not be any advantage. This is a great option for those who are planning their first photo shoot and want to test the waters before breaking the budget for a well-experienced photographer, model, or stylist.

Vince states, “There are a lot of young photographers who have talent, who are looking to build their portfolio, so a lot of time you can do it for a trade, where they’ll do the photographs for free to build their portfolio, and you do the hair and makeup. It’s a great trade, everybody benefits.”


The Wrap-Up

Individuals have a lot to gain from a photo shoot that they wouldn’t necessarily get anywhere else. It challenges everyone to raise the level of their work and push their artistic talents. For hair stylists, “You get to invent new methods, new techniques and formulations that you don't get to use on your clients in a salon. It makes you step out of your comfort zone, which is good for growth,” according to Vince. “You just have this abstract ability to express your creativity in a different light. It keeps you fresh and keeps your brain really pushing forward in creativity,” Trent says.


Stylists are invited to join Trent and Vince to master hair for photography by participating in a professional photo shoot. The best part? Attending stylists will have their work PUBLISHED in Sophisticates Magazine! Register here.

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