Posted by All-Nutrient Professional on Jun 20, 2017

It has long been believed that damaged hair is a lost cause, however, that may not actually be the case. Daily use of the right hair product can actually repair damage throughout the hair shaft, however, it is important to know that it is not the actual product itself, but the main ingredients that do the repair work.

The miracle nutrient that has this unique, yet simple power to restore the hair is a Keratin Protein, also referred to as a Keratin Amino Acid. Both macro and micro Keratin Proteins are necessary in order to repair the damaged layers of the hair and fill them with the components necessary to repair, strengthen, and revitalize each strand back to health. 

The odds of completely ridding harmful styling tools, harsh chemical services, or even the regular use of hair ties and roller brushes that cause damage are not likely. Yet, it is important to understand what happens during the destruction process and then learn how to “undo” the impairment.



What Happens When Hair is Damaged?

The degradation of hair is caused be a variety of factors including harsh chemical services, technical abuse with blow-drying, hot irons, brushing, and hair accessories, as well as environmental damage from UV rays, extreme hot or cold temperatures, sun exposure, and salt water, and nutritional deficiencies from diet, illness, medication, and weight loss.

Unsightly hair damage is simply the breakdown of proteins, which are a major part of the hair shaft’s superficial structure. When these proteins’ polypeptides are lifted, separated, and torn off by damage, your hair loses its protective barrier all together. After the damage breaks through the outer protective barrier, it moves to the inner cortex, which is the physical and chemical structure of the hair itself. The inner cortex, which gives hair its natural structure and strength, is also made up of Keratin Proteins’ polypeptides. When damage breaks it down, the inner cortex becomes weak and frays like a rope until it snaps and breaks just the same. Sounds like a hopeless fix, but with the right products, there is promise.


How Can Hair Damage be Fixed?

At this point, the hair’s outer and inner layers require both macro and micro protein filaments to restore the hair back to its natural, healthy state. Fortunately, some brands (All-Nutrient® included) infuse both macro and micro Keratin Proteins into their haircare lines in order to revive each strand’s layers. The sequence of the macro and micro Keratin works just like your own hair’s natural Keratin. It patches up the frayed cortex and replaces the damaged proteins' polypeptide chains. This is why, after a professional All-Nutrient® color service, you visibly notice and feel the return of your hair’s own structure.

How are Keratin Proteins Obtained?

We use macro and micro Keratin Proteins that are derived from vegetables, mainly Quinoa. Human hair itself is an organic compound and the vegetable-derived base we use to obtain these Keratin Proteins is organic as well. Because we obtain Keratin Proteins from vegetables, all of our products are vegan-friendly.



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