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 Get to know All-Nutrient Pro Artist Caitlin Sullivan!  

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Meet Caitlin, the newest member of our Pro Artist team and Certified All-Nutrient Color Tech! She has been a stylist for 8 years and recently opened her own salon, Alchemy Hair Studio in Louisiana. Caitlin has been featured on Behind The Chair, Bustle, Pop Sugar, and Glamour. Her creative passion is fueled by nature, texture, fabric, and vibrant colormelts! Read her honest tips to fellow stylists below and be sure to check out her Instagram!  @hairwaytokale!





Q & A

Name: Caitlin Sullivan

Age: 28

Hometown: Haughton, Louisiana

Current city/state: Shreveport, Louisiana 


Q: What sparked your interest in becoming a stylist?

A: "One of the main things that sparked my interest about being a stylist is the daily opportunity we get to create something completely new- and having someone wearing your art on their head is the coolest thing to me. "


Q: Was there a moment that made you really want to go for it? An influential person?

A: "When I was little my aunt would let me style her hair and show it off to the rest of my family for hours. Then when I grew up and got to high school, I started cutting hair in the band room bathroom after school for my classmates and some teachers. By the time I went to cosmetology school I already had a pretty good clientele and a lot of them still come to me to this day."


Q: Any memories or advice from your education that lead you to where you are now?

A: "Always stay humble and keep learning"


Q: How long have you been a stylist?

A: "I’ve been a stylist for 8 years."

Q: As an independent stylist, how do you manage and maintain success on your own?

A: "Know your worth! And charge accordingly. The best advice I can give anyone who is opening their own salon or just starting out in the industry is to brand yourself completely true to who you are. You will attract the type of clients who you vibe with and you’ll both have a better relationship at the chair because of it. Seriously consider what you want your life to look like in the hair industry and make choices that help you reach that goal. Vision and execution is everything."


Q: What are you specialties and why?

A: "My specialty is balayage/color/vivids! I don’t do any other services anymore because I want to focus on what I love the most."

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Q: Tell us a little more about your reason for using All-Nutrient?

 A: "I chose All-Nutrient for many reasons but here are a few. I’m very sensitive to chemicals and every other color line I’ve tried broke my hands out in rashes. Not attractive. Another reason is that I believe in a diet centered around plants and I absolutely wanted to use a line that was cruelty-free because I don’t resonate with using animals for vanity. The last reason I’ll list is that it works better than ANYTHING I’ve ever used and it’s consistently produced great results even when I get ambitious with formulations!"


Q: You're killin’ the Instagram game, what are some tips for stylists who need to bump up their social media presence? 

A: "My advice for social media is:

1. Stop making excuses for not having time and take photos when you’re done with your client.

2. Choose a watermark that goes with your brand and use it!

3. Use hashtags, this increases your views per post.

4. Interact with other stylists on Instagram and build friendships- this is a community!

5. Invest in the latest phone because the camera will be the best for your photos if you’re not shooting with an actual camera. 


Q: What inspires you? Where do you pull creativity from?

 " I get inspired by nature and by textures that I see in fabric and design. Odd color combinations in nature are my favorite to capture in haircolor because it’s a challenge to create it in a way that makes sense to the human eye.

Q: Advice for fellow/ new stylists?

A: " I ate the dollar menu at fast food restaurants for three years when I first started because it’s all I could afford. I almost quit the industry so many times. The month before I started Hairwaytokale I was looking at desk jobs. Don’t give up if you truly love it, success will come. If things feel like they’re not going anywhere – reevaluate, rebrand and start with a new vision."

Q: Anything else you'd like to add? 

A: "I feel unbelievably grateful to be part of this industry and even more excited to be partnered with a company that shares my values!"

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