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This social media hair maven is traveling to our headquarters in September! Read more about what fuels her creativity and how she maintains success as an independent stylist!

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You've probably seen her dreamy hair images all over our Instagram feed, and if you aren't following her yet – you need to open your app right now! Currently working as a independent stylist in Ohio, Colleen Foxx began using All-Nutrient about 6 years ago. Her choice to use the color line was not just for the better health of her clients, but for her health as well.  She specializes in balayage, blonding, dry-cutting, and rich, dimensional color. As a self-proclaimed perfectionist, Colleen takes her time to bring her clients photo inspiration to life and give them exactly what they want and more!

Check out her work @colleenfoxxhairdesign !


Q & A

Name: Colleen Foxx 

Age: 28

Hometown: Sunman, IN

Current city/state: Cincinnati, OH


Q: What sparked your interest in becoming a stylist?

A: "I always loved to do my friends hair and make up throughout my teenage years. I actually went to college for two years and quit once I found a hair school I thought could help me succeed! My whole family is in education, so it was hard for me to take the risk, but I’m so glad I did!"


Q: Was there a moment that made you really want to go for it? An influential person?

A: "When I was 20, I struggled with what I wanted to do for a living. I wasn’t liking any of the directions I had taken in schooling, and there was a friend of mine at the time who was going to hair school. I thought, 'why not?'." 


Q: Where did you go to cosmetology school?

A: "I went to International Academy of Hair Design. It was a family owned school, and much more 'hands on' than most education programs I have come across. Our class sizes were smaller, which was amazing for one-on-one attention."


Q: Any memories or advice from your education that lead you to where you are now?

A: "I assisted at a salon for nine months as soon as I graduated from hair school and was very fortunate to have an amazing mentor as a new stylist."


Q: How long have you been a stylist?

A: "I graduated from hair school in 2010, so 8 years with my license. However, I didn’t get to a salon where I really started building my clientele until about 6 years ago." 


Q: Today, many salons have gone away with commission and it’s all about booth renting! As a young, independent stylist, how do you manage and maintain success on your own?

A: "I put EVERYTHING into my first two years in the salon. I put my social life on hold – if there was someone walking in for a color at 6:00 p.m and I was supposed to be off at 7:00 p.m, I stayed and tried to retain that client. You have to work for it! Also, make sure you’re being personable. People want to feel comfortable around you!"


Q: Tell us a little more about your reason for switching to All-Nutrient! Often we hear that stylists use our color to accommodate health concerns for clients, but rarely because it benefits themselves too!

 A: "I had just opened my suite in 2014 and my hands have very bad allergies from the chemicals us stylists use on a daily basis. A friend of mine in the hair world reached out to me and told me to try All-Nutrient. The rest has been history! My hands aren’t perfect, but they are so much less dry and itchy. We found that it was the amount of ammonia most color lines use that was really damaging my skin. Thank you, All Nutrient!"

Editors note: Each tube of All-Nutrient® permanent cream color contains only 2% or LESS of ammonia. Our demi-color line Keratint® is 100% ammonia-free.


Q: You're killin’ the Instagram game, what are some tips for stylists who need to bump up their social media presence? 

A: "I never really look at 'likes' or followers, although I would always like to retain more. I just truly enjoy each head of hair that sits in my chair. It’s become a, 'show off' moment with my clients and I. They’ll say, 'why haven’t you put my picture up yet!?' if a few days go by. Typically once I get home from the salon, I’ll upload my work from that day! Makes it easier that way."


Rose brown 🌹 . . @allnutrient 5BR at root + 10 vol, 6s + inch of 8R + cpl on ends

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Q: What inspires you? Where do you pull creativity from?

A: "I tend to be pulled towards the more natural, yet dimensional colors. The bright fashion colors are beautiful, but there’s just something about a gorgeous balayage that is so pleasing to the eye. I also spend a lot of time consulting with my clientele, and make sure that the color we are choosing is right for them and their lifestyle."

Q: Advice for fellow/ new stylists?

A: "You can’t please everyone. It took me a few years to learn that in this industry, but take each client one at a time and try to imagine their hair as your own!"

 Q: Anything else you’d like to add?

A:"I can’t wait to come teach my first class in New Hampshire! See y’all in September!" 




 For more details on Colleen's featured class,

"FALL FAVORITES" on September, 24th, 2018

CLICK HERE or CALL 1-800-221-3496! 


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