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Get to know All-Nutrient Pro Artist Jessica Bassett!  This talented stylist does it all but has a special place in her heart for vibrant colormelts! Read more about her here!


Jessica Bassett has been exploring haircolor as an artistic platform for over 8 years and finds inspiration all around her! She has been featured in publications such as Modern Salon, American Salon, South Magazine, and Savannah Weddings Magazine. Jessica pushes her boundaries with her bold and vibrant colormelts! She specializes in reds, blonding, balayage, fashion colors, and creative cuts for men and women. If you find yourself in Jessica's chair, be prepared for a visit filled with laughter, beauty, and fun.

Read more about how she got started and what keeps her creative!

Check out her work @jessidreamsincolour!



Q & A

Name: Jessica Bassett

Age: 31

Hometown: Elgin, SC

Current city/state: Savannah, GA


Q: What sparked your interest in becoming a stylist?

A: "I’ve always had an interest in art and at first I thought being a stylist would be a good way to support myself while I pursued other endeavors. Then, I went to hair school and realized that HOW much art there was in hair, but not just art. Science, Geometry, and so many other things that I never realized were components of the beauty industry. I instantly fell in love with everything and plus who doesn’t want to be able to be themselves at all times. "


Q: Was there a moment that made you really want to go for it? An influential person?

A: "I’ve always been told I have a natural talent, but I am not a bragger nor do I have a big ego, so I like to think I’ve just been very blessed in my career path. From going to a great school to the fact that I never stop learning. No matter how long I’ve been in the industry I strive to learn something new everyday."


Q: Any memories or advice from your education that lead you to where you are now?

A: "I remember a special guest artist class in school where I got to be a model. Just being able to see the showman ship and the way this gentleman cut and moved the hair had me just blown away. I’ve always wanted to create that feeling for other stylists. To inspire, break boundaries and just have fun."


Q: How long have you been a stylist?

A: "I’ve been a stylist for 8 years now and it’s the best thing to happen to me."

Q: As an independent stylist, how do you manage and maintain success on your own?

A: "Managing your own success can feel very overwhelming and hard at times, but you have to remember a few key things: 

I don’t typically double book my clients because I want them to understand how important their time while they are in the chair. I love and appreciate all my clients, so I treat them accordingly. I surprise them with little gifts, ask them to follow me on Ig, get them to tag me in their pictures and tell them that if they know of friends I’d love to be their hair lady too. I also maintain my Instagram with not just hair but fun stuff too. Show some personality! Have fun be you and the clients will come!"


Q: What are you specialties and why?

A: "I don’t know that I really truly narrow myself down to one specific area of hair. I love so many different aspects of the industry that I like to maintain being a well rounded hairstylist. Color is like a scientific chemistry minefield for me that just fills me up with so much joy. Cutting is about precision for me and just creates this need to be perfect in me. Barbering for me is also a fav, even though it’s not shown a lot on my IG. I adore men’s hair, it’s is so utterly satisfying to create men’s look. "


Q: Tell us a little more about your reason for switching to All-Nutrient?

 A: "When I first started using All Nutrient I had been accustomed to using Paul Mitchell color. I really enjoyed using it, then when I worked in Charleston one of the gals I worked with started using All-Nutrient color and just raved and raved about how wonderful it was and how the hair felt amazing. So I borrowed some and tried it, boy did it change my hair game. After I did my first certification class I knew it was great stuff! I am somewhat of a hippie at heart so the fact All-Nutrient utilizes so many organic ingredients and performs so well just astounds me. It leaves the hair so soft and silky but packs a pigment punch. It’s wonderful."


Q: You're killin’ the Instagram game, what are some tips for stylists who need to bump up their social media presence? 

A: "The fact of the matter is I make time for Instagram. I book 15 mins longer for a service, it makes the client feel special when you take pictures and they know that they will be featured on not only your Instagram but that it may go viral to other places and be featured all over the internet. That’s exciting to clients which makes it easy to get those photos. I’m a mom of two and I’m booked out 5 weeks at a time but I make time for that because I get so many clients Instagram because of my work."

Q: What inspires you? Where do you pull creativity from?

 "I pull from EVERYWHERE, other stylists around me, movies, paintings, nature all things inspire me to find ways to create color combinations and styles." 

Q: Advice for fellow/ new stylists?

A: "Remember 'Teamwork makes the dream work.' You’ve got to work hard, be positive and don’t give up. You get out what you put in! "


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