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Whether the forecast is for rain, snow, heat, or high humidity, these style solutions will see you through.

From soggy strands to frizzy curls, what happens in different weather conditions depends on hair type. Should you reach for a flat iron or go big with already-big hair? These ideas take you beyond embracing the disheveled look.


Humidity Proof Your Hair

When moisture gets in, bad hair days come out. Straight hair goes lifeless and limp, while curly locks turn into a frizz fest. If a blistering summer sun adds perspiration to the mix, an hour-old blow-out ends up a hot mess. 

On dog day afternoons, think prevention first. Use a shampoo and conditioner to either boost volume in straight, fine hair or to moisturize, smooth and de-frizz waves and curls. Right in the middle? Even “normal” hair could use a moisture boost. If that sounds anti-intuitive, it’s because you’re thinking moisture causes frizz. It does when humidity makes hydrogen bonds form between water molecules, but when hair is already well moisturized, less water from humidity seeps into strands.

For styling, always look for products with both UV and color protection. Then, amping-up natural texture is the easiest styling option. When sticking with straight hair, add a little mousse for a root boost and keep styling simple. Use a round brush with a metal core to bolster, lift and add body, then let hair do what it does or mist with a hairspray that offers climate control. Now is no time to over-use products that could get sticky or make matters worse! Slick short locks back, then position your hand behind the hairline and push it forward for spot lift. If hair is long, a gel-smoothed braid, low-at-the-nape loop or a cute little top knot make humidity a moot point. There’s a reason ponys are summer perfect.

For hair that’s wavy to über curly, similarly go with the flow. Add conditioning or a serious hydrating treatment, depending on how much curl you’re dealing with. Then, when hair is wet, work in a natural, lightweight oil, finger comb curls and diffuse dry. Alternately, lightly twist large sections as you air dry (to avoid over-manipulation—stop twisting when hair starts to dry). For a blow-dried style, apply a heavier gel or anti-fizz serum, finger comb or distribute with wide-toothed comb, then diffuse dry. Finish with a defining pomade that adds an extra layer of protection between humidity and hair.

If hair is wavy and you really want that flat-ironed shine, mist-on a thermal protectant that offers humidity control and use the edge of the iron like a curling iron to create a loose, “meant-to-look-mussed” style. When hair is ultra curly or kinky, a sharp cut helps it hold its shape. Then, a professional moisturizing cocktail and a leave-in conditioner lead the way to a frizz-free day, while pomade seals the deal and puts back the shine. You’ll still have ample style options.


Get Ready for Rain

Rainy-day styling tricks are much like those for humid weather because when you’re wrestling with rain, humidity is an even bigger factor. But water everywhere also leaves hair from damp to wet, depending on how big the umbrella and intense the rain.

When it’s wet outside, direct styles back, up or to the side. Avoid waxes, gels and pomades that could add weight when wet or add a tacky feeling. Use a leave-in conditioner and try out easy updos and side sweeps. Wrap hair in gigantic pin curls that you can pop out once you’re indoors. Of course, a natural-based styling oil will give you a wet look even before hair gets drenched—try slicked and lightly twisted looks or braided-to-the-side styles.


Put Some Sunshine in Gray Days

Anytime there’s cloud cover, hair reflects less light and haircolor naturally loses its pop and luster.

If you live where rain lasts for almost a season—not a day—experiment with more obvious balayage pieces, intense glossers and slightly warmer, conditioning color that stands out against darker skies. The same color fix applies to hazy shades of winter: Instead of taking the traditional darker, richer route, go lighter and brighter for a visual and emotional pick-me-up. Even a touch of red or gold in a custom color formula enlivens locks. On the far end of fashion, intense shades from metallic mother-of-pearl to brightened burgundy are the perfect panaceas to winters that drag on forever.


Banish Winter Hair Woes

When “dry” accompanies “dull,” chances are, it’s wintertime. To shut down straight-hair static, use a leave-in conditioner, blow dry, then make a quick pass with the flat iron. Because over-drying is often the culprit behind flat or lifeless winter hair, avoid the hottest dryer settings and allow hair to dry more slowly, so it develops its own body. Ready to rock out of the house? Mist the inside of your hat with a non-aerosol finishing spray before you put it on. 

Winterizing curl means pulling out all the stops to combat dryness, damage and frizz. If your super curl is prone to breakage, put hair in hibernation for 10 minutes with a treatment that puts back the protein and includes moisture balancing. Don’t gunk up coils with dry shampoo; instead, plan cleansing strategically, when there’s ample time to dry hair completely and naturally before going outdoors. Make wash-and-go a thing of the past—reactivate curls by misting with a mix of water and a few drops of a natural oil.

Whatever the weather, customized salon treatments and subtle style adjustments make any hair type look amazing all year ‘round.


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