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   With day-to-night dressing dominating the runways, hair has to move fluidly from one situation 

to another. Cropped bobs, bowl cuts, roll-ups, ponys and braids make the transition easy.


From the ‘40s to the ‘80s, borrowing ideas from every era is influencing fall trends that range from high-glam to grunge. 

Short List 

For the short of it, bowl cuts are back and bobs are shorter than they’ve been in a while—think earlobe length. But the ends are rarely 100 percent blunt, subtle wisps and notches set these bobs apart from last year’s lobs. Crops are cool again and undercuts are incredibly inventive, not only with under color but with shapes and designs cut into the buzzed nape.

For curly girls, rocking a big Afro and natural texture is a mainstay not a trend. As women continue to embrace their authentic selves, decorated warrior women sport accessorized plaits, while “clean beauties” keep a wholesome and healthy looking style. Organic, green and eco-friendly is front and center, from simple hair-wrapped pony (always low at the nape) to the styling products that are used. Pros are saying that  “clean” is the new “natural,” and it means no ingredients linked to harmful health effects. Consumers are reading those labels with more shrewdness than ever.

Additionally, hair that’s slicked from the far side into a wide front headband showed up on both long and short-haired runway models for a chic take on the ladies’ comb-over.

Long on Ideas 

If longer hair showed one trend on the catwalks, it was to separate the top from the bottom. This season, hair from the ears up is either slicked and smoothed or plaited and braided. While the longer bottom lengths are loosely waved, put into relaxed curls that barely show a hint of a curling iron, or braided, ponied or crimped. (Crimping itself is also used top to bottom—in select areas.)  The idea is to show off two textures that move into each other with ease. 

Parts come from the far side or sit in the center, but front hairlines get brushed straight back, too. In one of the more inventive runway styles, the intentional wet look with gelled waves gets the jump on bad hair days by mimicking a just-got-in-from-the-rain look. It’s one way to beat the weather, and the up-directed front hairline provides a little frame and structure to the style.

High crowns that can only come from backcombing are haute as revived bubbles, and bangs are big, too, with a lesser trend in super-short, notched fringes for Geek Chic.   

While some high-fashion hair was grunge-inspired, much of it was intentionally pretty or super glam. Deep rolls, French twists, double braids (or tiny ones at the sides) take hair from dramatic to playful. The easiest way to express the mood of the moment is with accessories, which for Fall includes: Glittery headbands, sparkly barrettes, crossed-over hairpins and even full-fledged crowns. 

When it comes to playing up braids, integrating a black ribbon right into the braid as it’s woven is elegant, while thread, yarn and other fabrics make the look more playful. Naturally, these ideas tie right into the holidays, and glittery or black velvet headbands will be hot sellers.

Technicolor Trends 

Most models can't experiement freely with vivid haircolor so designers like Versace used hair extensions to add electric-shaded strands underneath long lengths. Consumers, on the other hand, are trying out color blocks, vibrant streaks, ombré and pastels because they look to Instagram more than the runways for haircolor inspiration.

The low-maintenance set still embraces balayage for its easy grow-out, while those who want to use color to express individuality are opting for candy colors, vibrant hues and envious greens. A great technique for achieveing this trend is color melting. Color melting gradually shifts shades from subtle to dramatic—a trend that will remain in top demand right through 2018. 

In-between traditional and exceptional, red is a fall favorite in hues like pumpkin spice, brunettes are proving purple streaks reign and blondes are getting swirls of lilac, pink or blue with the idea that they’ll just fade away.

All this experimentation has lead to a newly emerging trend: Managing the expectation. Fashion colors can fade fairly fast and consumers are looking for ways to make them last. In addition to the resurgence of color-protective and color-depositing shampoos and conditioners (the latter won’t boost purple or pink), the complete, complementary consultation is getting a fresh look. The no-refund, fashion-color contract, along with a lengthy list of at-home do's and don’ts (Cold water washes and rinses anyone?), is the newest thing in fashion-color specialty salons and suites. Before and after photos of the time-lapsed color fade keep it real.  

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