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The fusion of runway style and real life means hair is free-flowing again and icy shades are melting

In an age of disruption, spring runway styles ranged from militaristic to romantic. But with body-hugging shapes giving way to loose layers by day and running pants for evening, it’s not a wonder that the mother of all shades for optimists, sunny yellow, emerged as the Number One color to wear.

What does this mean for hair? That it’s time to get “hygge” with it! Pronounced “hoo-guh,” the Danish term everyone is talking about loosely translates to “cozy” and involves taking pleasure in all things related to comfort. (There are no less than six books on the concept, with more to come). In spring and summer, hair is naturally more lax—or on vacation—which makes a perfect style-storm for comfort hair.

1. Cuts for Contentment

With the ‘70s, ‘80s and ‘90s all bringing their own influence, one of the biggest benefactors is the blunt bob, being shown off again in movies like the upcoming sequel to 1996’s “Trainspotting,” entitled “T2: Trainspotting.” The perfect little bob takes on its own T2 shape when paired with longer fringe. Naturally, it’s got to be glossy, and with lightweight products, now in high demand, add natural swing.

Volume and big hair are making a huge comeback too, but in a much more relaxed way than ever before. The pony is fluffed and fattened up, braids are pulled apart by hand, shags are fuller and shaggier, and pyramid shapes with width and volume at the ends are both runway and street-style hits. One of the reasons for the latter: Tucked back, the shape showcases the queen-sized and mismatched earrings that added sass to runway accessories.

Trendy texture is also easier to have via soft waves, loosely iron-curled hair (from the mid-lengths down only), quick crimps and gently roller-set or blown-out strands that transform into sumptuous waves. Many of these looks are mid-length because super-long hair just isn’t as easy to deal with, unless you want one of the slicked-back, well-oiled styles that add edge to longer lengths. Even the bob gets slicked straight back these days for a fast day-to-night style shift.

Long hair is still around and will show up as a top bun—or an iron curled or twisted pony. In opposition is the undercut for the girls. Last season’s short crops and buzz cuts just didn’t allow easy maintenance schedules, so slightly longer short styles with an undercut are making the look more feminine and easier to grow out. While guys are getting away from detailing, younger women are adding detailed shapes to the undercut—often in the form of color that enhances the back all the way to the nape. Think of several shades that are placed in V-shapes.

The upshot: Blunt bobs aside (and even these aren’t severe), hair cuts are less precise, loosely layered and created to look great with minimal muss and fuss. Just put a little love in the hair and it’s ready to go.


2. Color You Can Cozy Up To

Time-intensive vivid shades have played out a bit in popularity, as the season ushers in the new “It” color, Blorange. Now the bigger sister to rose gold, the warm blonde-orange mix has a clear advantage over intense tones like blue, green or purple: If it fades a bit in the sun, that’s just peachy. Blorange ranges from pastel to fired-up apricot to reaching-for-red, and it can be customized to work with warm or cool skin tones.

This adaptability is also making full-on red one of the few singular, solid shades to be elevated to a true trend. Who can resist the color of love when it’s skin-tone right? For natural yet vibrant red, well-blended dimension is key. For 2017, a few lowlights or highlights get blurred-in with a brush, which creates subtle shadows and light every time you move.

Other warm and bright color trends mix up gold, bronze, brunette and red in the most custom-cocktailed way possible for toffee tones, sun-drenched wheat, “Aubrown” hues, Caramelized Concoctions and “Bronge” shades. A little balayage goes a long way with these colors, and balayage itself is evolving into simply placed highlights that always get glossed over or color washed.

Sponges are used to create softer effects while “Combalayage” allows a quick comb-through of a lightener. With so many shades in the mix, even the highlight-free look is having its heyday. Instead, medium brunettes are adding a taste of toffee, while blondes who don’t want to go blorange all the way are adding warmth at the ends for an ombré effect.

Nobody cares for complete dictums in the fashion world and intense tones and fashion brights still come into play, most often as accents and especially for curly and textured hair, longer underlayers and shorter undercuts.


3. By Summertime, The Stylin' Is Easy

Interest in products with naturally-derived ingredients is at an all-time high, seconded only by the search for the best products for a specific hair type. For spring and summer, primers, humidity-defiers and stylants that can be custom-cocktailed for a hair type or desired look are all at the top of the beauty hot-list. For guys, product choices come down to whether they want a controlled look or a scruffy style and a matte or shiny finish.

When lifting layers, adding texture, pumping-up volume or altering a overhanging shape can be done with touchable, lightweight styling products, everyone is happy with natural-looking hair that’s also easy care. After all, it’s hair you can live with.

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