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The 5 most common types of hair brushes and how to use them.

While wandering through the endless aisles of hair products and accessories in beauty and drug stores, there is often a variety of hair brushes to choose from. Few of them offer descriptions on how to use them and what type of hair they work best on. If you aren't familiar with different brush types, chances are you just pick the one that speaks to you. This can lead to brushing out knots and tangles with a big barrel brush meant for blow outs. So, to save you from staring aimlessly at a display of brushes, or from looking at a brush totally consumed by an unruly amount of hair, here are the 5 main brushes you should own and how to use them. (You'll thank us later).

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1:  Cushion brush

A cushion brush is probably the most common type of brush. Usually made of plastic bristles and an oval or round-shaped head, cushioned by a pocket of air. These brushes are best used on those with straight or wavy hair that tangles easily. The stiff plastic bristles and rubber cushion work together to detangle the hair when wet and limit the amount of static created by brushing  when dry. 

Pro tip: This is the best brush to use when combing out curls that have been set in clips or rollers to create smooth soft waves. Think of those dreamy balayage pictures or actress, Blake Lively’s, "Hollywood glam" waves.

Styling product: Leave-in-conditioner or detangling spray– A lightweight conditioner separates strands allowing you to comb right through those snarls with little to no pull.


2. Paddle brush

This is another everyday basic brush that doubles for an awesome blowout. Similar to the cushion brush, the paddle brush is usually square in shape and has plastic bristles. Some have air vents in the back, while some do not. Although it doesn’t create tons of volume, it helps flatten out frizz for silky, smooth locks when blow drying damp hair. Those with thick waves or natural curls should avoid using a paddle brush (it will just cause frizz) and instead use a smaller vented brush.

Styling product: Smoothing cream- This one-step product provides ultimate style control, cloaking the hair in nutrients that smooth, straighten, and condition each strand for a silky finish.


3. Vent brush

Vented brushes are usually smaller in width and have cut-outs in the back for faster drying time. Since the heat of the blow dryer can flow through the brush and the hair, you're spending less time blasting your hair with hot air and causing damage. However, these brushes work the best for styling when the hair is about 80% dry. These brushes are also great for styling men’s cuts or women who have shorter styles, such as pixie cuts and bobs.

Styling product: Leave-in reconstructing spray- For instant strength, hydration, fullness, and elasticity.


4. Ceramic Brush

This is the brush you would use to get that celebrity worthy blowout. A ceramic or "round brush" comes in a variety of sizes. Ceramic brushes heat up and can shape hair with curls and major volume. When deciding on the brush that is best for you remember: the smaller the barrel, the tighter the curl. As you increase in barrel size, the hair becomes more straight and the brush is used to smooth and create volume. 

Pro tip: Blast the section of hair you are curling with cold air and let sit a few seconds before taking the brush out. This will help set the style.

Styling product: Blow-out cream- Softens each strand and eliminates frizz and fly-a-ways for a smooth finish.


 5. Boar Bristle

This brush may be on the pricier end but the money is worth it for the healthy hair benefits you receive. The natural bristles are super soft and gentle on straight, fine hair or those with coarse, kinky, and naturally curly hair. This brush is best used when the hair is dry to distribute some serious shine. The bristles are delicate but dense enough to drag natural oils from the scalp all the way to the ends. However, if your hair is already on the shiny side, stay away from boar bristle brushes and instead use a wide tooth comb to smooth and detangle.

 Styling product: Smoothing gloss- Serums and sprays can weigh hair down, using a small amount of a gloss polish will lightly glaze the hair for sleek look.




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