Posted by All-Nutrient Professional on Dec 13, 2016

Our commitment goes beyond the well being of your hair,
stretching out to the well being of the planet.


You have seen the logo on our packaging, but do you know what it means? Our Rainforest Specialties logo represents the line of natural and organic certified vegetable oils and butters sustainably sourced from the Amazon Rainforest and other Brazilian biomes. According to Beraca, a leading provider of natural and organic-certified ingredients ethically sourced from the Amazon Rainforest and other Brazilian ecosystems, "the ingredients come from more than 100 extractive communities throughout Brazil and are manufactured to connect the Brazilian biodiversity with thousands of consumers, through a relationship marked by transparency, traceability and innovation, contributing directly to regional development and environmental preservation."


How does managed harvesting differ from other forms of harvesting?
Below are some of the differences...


1. Community Benefits.

The raw materials we get from the rainforest are yielded by the surrounding communities, providing more job opportunities and income for the families that reside there.  Beraca’s Socio-Biodiversity Enhancement Program™ provides management, structural, and production training for its suppliers to help ensure the success of any community-based product.  Rainforest Specialties chooses to support giving back to the community, which aligns with our own mission to support community values. 


2. Traceability.

All of the raw materials we get from Rainforest Specialties are traceable back to their original origin. This means we know exactly where it came from, down to which community it was sourced from. This ensures quality manufacturing, so we know we’re getting the best of the best. This way we can continue to develop products that our consumers can trust.


3. Sustainability.

Did you know that the Amazon Rainforest contains the largest collection of plant species on the entire Earth? Or that more than 20% of the world’s oxygen is produced by it? Even 1/5 of the world’s fresh water supply is right in the Amazon Basin. We need the rainforest and in order to help it thrive, we need sustainable harvesting.

Sustainable harvesting helps to prevent deforestation and a loss of diversity. Through a system of collaborative management with the region’s communities, Beraca guarantees the use of sustainable practices in all of its products. According to Beraca, the goal is to preserve the country’s native, natural resources. At All-Nutrient, we're always looking for ways to improve our products and formulations and so is Beraca. It continues to develop new and innovative extraction processes that do not cause any environmental damage. 


We support the preservation of the rainforest and development of sustainable ecosystems through managed harvesting of these botanical oils and extracts. Click Here to learn more about All-Nutrient's mission to provide healthier haircolor and protect the environment. 


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