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Winter hair trends have a holiday focus. Getting festive and photo-ready translates into trouble-free transformations.

What are the forces are driving winter hair trends? The need for wind-withstanding styles and the demand for a little glimmer and shimmer. Both come together here with the top six trendiest ways to make holiday looks shine.


1. Revive Foiling for a Sparkly Season

Last season’s foiling trend is back in a big way. No, not the type of foiling that creates highlights in the salon but the kind you sprinkle on. Rainbow glitter braids and metallic hair tattoos are just too time-consuming for today’s sparkle enthusiasts. Instead, they’re snapping up loose flakes or sheets of foil at the craft store, then tearing them up and placing them where they’ll get seen.

Gold, silver and bronze are the most popular colors because they add more sophistication to a look than red or green and won’t clash with those silver sequined shoes or sparkly little dresses. The best way to get them to stick: Style with a curling iron, add a slightly tacky hairspray and place pieces with chopsticks or the end of a makeup brush. Don’t overdo it or use too-large pieces—quarter-, nickel- and dime-sized pieces are about right. Placement is important, too. Work off the part line or place foils on one side of an asymmetrical style. Pat them in place randomly and re-secure with spray if you like. Sure, a few may fall off, but there’s nothing like a glitter trail to say you were there.

Option: For color that stands out longer, subtly pre-lighten hair around the rounds where light hits it, then add a demi glosser over the top for a brightened halo of hair.


2. Go Deep

After getting a deeper, richer shade for fall, there’s just one place left to go for winter and that’s uber dark. Edgy dark hair isn’t for everyone but “Modern Family” star Ariel Winter made her last name proud by taking the traditional seasonal color shift all the way to the far end of the spectrum. Best for younger women and naturally dark brunettes, the shade avoids looking too Goth when you keep the cut soft.

Option: Add the darker effect via rooted brunette or keep near-black strands away from your face with ombré end placement. These approaches also simplify spring shade changes.


3. Celebrate With Bangs

There are lots of reasons bangs are the new fashion statement. They’re an easy way for models and celebrities to change their looks, they add personality to any cut and they pair perfectly with the shaggy, free styles of the moment. Fuller bangs have a slew of other advantages. They put the focus on your eyes, conceal any forehead or frown lines and prevent foreheads from looking too big in those holiday photos.

Especially right for winter, the strong bang looks great when the rest of the hair is hidden under a hat. Super-blunt or long and curved-at-the-sides styles work best. For winter, wispy ones fly too much when it’s windy. If bangs are long enough, you can also bump them up for vintage holiday looks.

Option: If you just aren’t ready to commit, clip-on bangs are the hottest fashion accessory you can buy.


4. Choose Zero-Perfection Styles

Looser, shaggy and deconstructed styles are right on-trend, partly because many women grow out their hair in winter anyway. Cuts like these can be loosely twist-dried and fingerstyled (think of those looks in the Free People catalogue) or blown-dry fast when it’s not so warm in the house. Twist or pin up hair under your hat and shake loose later, or let the wind have its way and finger tousle.

There’s no point in precision blow-dries when the weather outside is frightening. A shag with feathered ends, a sexy sauvage style, longer layered looks and choppy, unfussy bobs and all suit the season. They also open the door to product play, which allows a wide variety of fun looks.

Option: Try a super-short pixie, which is easy to keep in place.


5. Embrace the Daytime Updo

Whether it’s holiday time or not, the office updo is a always a winter favorite. It’s the easiest way to look professional in any weather, and it lets you slide right from work to the office party. Placement should be face-shape-right but it can also be event-based. Low-at-the-nape buns can’t really be seen in holiday family photos. But with the renewed interest in retro ‘dos and Breakfast-at-Tiffany’s looks, the high-on-the-head updo is the most fashion-forward version for several reasons.

For a double-style take, pair it with full, curved bangs that frame the face. Creating it can be easy, too. Simply part off the hair from the bangs with a circular parting, then twist and pin it up, smoothing it as you go. You might want to wear a softer, higher hat for this one.

Option: When winter is coming, nothing beats “Game of Thrones” influenced braids. The fact that a rough finish is high-fashion makes them all the better.


6. Love The Bob Again

There’s a reason the bob keeps rising to the top of the trend list. It’s just so darn easy! Anyone can wear it, it grows out with ease, and cut correctly, it falls right into place. Tuck it behind your ears for style simplicity, create a faux bob by pinning long hair under or get forward-angled sides for the illusion of length plus control. Whatever the weather, just mist a brush with hairspray and brush in place.

With its shiny surface, the bob also makes any shade shimmer when you run a flat iron though it. And of course, it’s the sleek little bob that best allows a lighter halo at the rounds to stand out. Kylie Jenner recently stepped out in her stunning one-length style bob, which pretty much seals the fashion deal.

Option: For an edgier bob, undercut the bottom. Today, even the girls are getting details added to the undercut section, stealing a trend from boys’ barber styles.

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