Posted by All-Nutrient Professional on Aug 23, 2016

From fast and loose to sassy and shaped, there are lots of ways to make waves!

Summer may almost be over, but tousled waves are always in season. Perfectly undone textures that appear unintentional can be dressed down or dressed up for any occassion. Learn how to create these natural, loose looks here! 


1. Beachy Keen

This quick trick is best for getting those wind-swept waves on long hair. Start by drying the underlayers, then the top until hair is barely damp. Next, mist a spray gel onto sections and twist them as you dry them completely. Leave some sections untwisted. Then break up twists with your fingers and a touch of a lightweight cream, liquefied between your palms.


2. New-Age Waves

For wilder waves, start with dry hair, or hair that’s 95-percent dry. Then, grab irregular sections, not neat ones, and wrap them around two fingers to create a curl. Leave the root area flat, and pin in place. The secret: Wrap the sections in opposing directions. If the first one is wound-up clockwise, wrap the next one counter-clockwise. Then repeat. Once all the curls are pinned up, mist with a light, flexible spray and wait 5-10 minutes or until hair is completely dry.

For a fast version on mid-length hair, use hot rollers and reverse the wrapping direction each time. For waves that last all day, go the long route and do a rag roller set overnight. Just wrap damp, gelled hair around strips of cloth, tie the ends in place and undo everything in the a.m. Less precision puts the new age in your wave, so don’t worry about perfectly sized sections.


3. Heat Waves

For the soft waves that are trending now, apply a gel or a mousse and dry hair completely. Then, use a curling iron. Hold it vertically and direct hair back, away from your face. Take medium-sized sections of hair and wrap them around the barrel, starting at the mid-shaft or close to the scalp, then work toward the ends. If your hair doesn't hold curl well, lightly mist with hairspray before winding. Let all the curls cool before unwinding. (You can clip them up in place as you complete each one.) To blend your curls into waves and add body, just massage the roots all over with your fingers. Then, brush out for looser waves, or not.

To create fuller waves with a brush, Start at the nape your neck, take 1½-inch sections of hair and blow dry, as you wind the hair around a round brush from roots to ends. Let hair cool while held in the brush, then gently unwind. As you complete each section, wind it back up with your fingers, pin in place and mist with hairspray. Once you’re done, shake your head and fingercomb curls. 

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