Valentine’s Day Hair Ideas You’ll Love : Style

Posted by All-Nutrient Professional on Feb 13, 2019

Whether it’s a look for that special date or a girl’s-night-out, style your hair with romance without feeling bridal! 

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Posted by All-Nutrient Professional on Jan 9, 2019

Meet your newest obsession– DailypHx. The latest addition to All-Nutrient’s retail line is the nourishment your hair is craving!

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Posted by All-Nutrient Professional on Dec 19, 2018

Spring’s Fashion Forecast merges divergent trends, which opens the opportunity to stop adjusting for individual tastes and start creating for them!

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Posted by All-Nutrient Professional on Nov 19, 2018

Cuts have been taking a back seat to color and styling for a while now, and Winter is no exception—particularly with the focus on hair accessories.  But Winter is the perfect time to lose a few inches, re-shape a cut, adjust it for zonal perfection or let it grow longer for max holiday options.

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Posted by All-Nutrient Professional on Nov 18, 2018

Mid-length and longer bobs still dominate runways and celeb-styles but the trendy cut is getting shorter and  has some interesting twists.

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Posted by All-Nutrient Professional on Nov 15, 2018

Hair styling is set to get fun again. After a summer of “woke-up-this-way” hair and tousled beach waves, dependably “I’ll be back” retro looks are super-sized, sixties-influenced and statement accessorized. 

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5 Braids To Try This Summer

Posted by All-Nutrient Professional on Jul 16, 2018

Whether your tying up salty beach hair or getting ready for a night out, these simple braids add major style to any occasion!

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5 Signs You Need A Haircut

Posted by All-Nutrient Professional on Jan 31, 2018

Anyone who is trying to grow their hair long shudders at the words– Haircut and Trim. But those words aren’t so scary when you understand the reasons for them and why they keep your hair healthy. Whether you only get a haircut twice a year (if that) or 4 times a year, you might find the struggle to achieving those long locks you desire are actually signs you need a “dusting!” 

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2018 Hairstyling Guide

Posted by All-Nutrient Professional on Dec 29, 2017

Adding individual expression to any cut is easy when you emphasize an area of a cut or subtly alter the total look by trying out a product you’ve never used before. For 2018, the focus is on easygoing, healthy hair that makes natural texture a focal point. Of course, there are always a few new tricks that help fool the eye.
From the runways to street style, here are the best styling ideas to try.

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Posted by All-Nutrient Professional on Dec 29, 2017

In the coming year, the most popular hair cuts will be easy, adaptable and customized for hair type and texture. 

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Haircut Glossary: Speak the Language of Hair

Posted by All-Nutrient Professional on Dec 12, 2017

Walking into a salon with an idea of what you want is a great way to bridge the gap between telling a stylist what you want and getting a similar result. But often times, you sit in the chair and describe what you want or throw out a term you think you know the meaning of but on planet hairstylist means something totally different. Imagine you walk into a salon ready to tell your stylist you want a blunt haircut. You saw this picture on Pinterest when searching “blunt hair cut” so you assume the shaggy, shoulder-length, angled, Lucy Hale lob is what you’re going to get. However, you leave the salon looking more like a back-up dancer for Sia.

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6 Steps to Embracing Curls

Posted by All-Nutrient Professional on Sep 21, 2017

Texture and curls stole the spotlight during New York Fashion week…                      how can you make your hair look like it’s fresh off the runway?

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The Growing Male Clientele

Posted by All-Nutrient Professional on Mar 14, 2017

Women have been dominating the salon industry for years, but more and more men want the same perks women get. 

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Trend Report: Here Comes Spring

Posted by All-Nutrient Professional on Mar 8, 2017

The fusion of runway style and real life means hair is free-flowing again and icy shades are melting

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Male Buzz: Men's Trends Get Loose

Posted by All-Nutrient Professional on Feb 21, 2017

From the top down, men’s hair styles are shifting from Mad Men looks and military-style precision cuts to softer, more versatile looks with length. For 2017, men’s runway styles stole at least three hot trends that women’s previously tapped: texture, versatility and a ‘90s influence.

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