Posted by All-Nutrient Professional on Jan 9, 2019

Meet your newest obsession– DailypHx. The latest addition to All-Nutrient’s retail line is the nourishment your hair is craving!

Made with certified organic proteins, fatty acids, and antioxidants DailypHx works to restore a proper moisture balance and level of pH to allow your hair to thrive every day. This daily use product gradually works to rebuild and repair the hair for consistently healthy, smooth, and shiny locks.


 DailypHx is 100% vegan, paraben-free, gluten-free, and cruelty-free. This fruit, vegetable, and plant blend works to rebuild the hairs natural protein structure for increased strength. Certified organic proteins repair internal bonds and improve elasticity, smoothing the cuticle for added softness and preventing breakage.

This product is made with UV-ray protection and is Colorsafe® ensuring the surface of the hair is shielded against daily thermal and environmental stress. Natural oils help seal and stabilize spilt-ends, detangle the hair, fight frizz, and enhance shine!

Use DailypHx on all hair types, from thin to thick, coarse, and curly this lightweight formula does not cause buildup or make the hair heavy. 


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Apply to clean, damp hair to detangle and brush through to distribute evenly. Perfect to use before blow drying or using hot tools. Use on dry hair to add freshness, shine, control frizz, and added heat protection to second or third day styles.

This daily use product is similar to a hair "vitamin" repairing and replenishing essential nutrients lost from environmental and heat damage!





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