Posted by All-Nutrient Professional on Aug 1, 2016

Between its exotic landscaping, gorgeous gardens, and enchanting artifacts, The Sacred Space provided an out-of-body experience. Members of our Design Team (Vince Smith, William Whatley, and Trent Day) truly felt they were in another world when they walked through the doors of this breathtaking location.

Surrounded by the beauty of nature, these pictures truly captured the atmosphere of this surreal day.

"It provided the perfect setting to showcase our naturally-derived products."

All-Nutrient | American Salon Cover Shoot

 The cover girl, Julia, was the proud work of Vince Smith. Using Raspbody Freeze, Vince set her hair with a 2 1/2" curling iron. After separating the waves with his fingers to create a loose, open feel, he finished Julia off with Shine+ Gloss Mist.

All-Nutrient | American Salon Cover Shoot

William Whatley used the cummulative keratin effect of Name This Stuff to create Kloey's straight look. To seal her hair with moisture and brilliant shine, he used Shine+ Gloss Mist.

"We knew we had to find a location that would reflect the company's eco-friendly philosophy."

All-Nutrient | American Salon Cover Shoot

Ultra+ Hold Hair Spray locked in texture and shine when Trent Day created this halo braid.

All-Nutrient | American Salon Cover Shoot

Name This Stuff and a 1/2" curling iron was used to create Julia's "very organic, very big open texture" look.

"Simply put, the word nutrient means to 'nourish', so it wasn't a stretch when chemist Chuck Frank named his hair care company All-Nutrient"

All-Nutrient | American Salon Cover Shoot

Cocktailing Raspbody Freeze and Shine+ Flat Iron Spray created perfect barrel-curls that could be brushed out into loose waves.

All-Nutrient | American Salon Cover Shoot

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Thank you Marianne. We could not be more grateful to have been presented with this opportunity. And thank you Jack and Rose for welcoming us to your sacred store. And to our Design Team, Robert, Teal, Rafael, and the rest of the hard-working, talented crew, we appreciate all that you did to make our first cover a true success!

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