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One size does not fit all in this past November’s cover shoot with American Salon, which celebrated the individual and unique beauty of each person.

Instead of forcing the models to fit the collection, this editorial spread was all about making the collection fit the model. So, rather than focusing on what's "trending," the stylists from Planet Salon sought to make each model's outer appearance reflect their inner personalities. We talked with some of the stylists to get the inside scoop on all of the behind-the-scenes action and what went into some of these looks.


Justin Le.jpg

Colorist: Justin Le

Brandi Chang.jpgModel: Brandi Chang

Q: Why did you choose this look for your model?

A: "Ginger [Boyle] wanted a very classic Nordic blonde, something really icy and cool to compliment her skin tone. She had hints of warmth in her hair, but this coolness in her eyes, so we wanted to enhance and pop and really accent those."

Q: How did that change as you got to know your model a little more?

A: "The look definitely changed as the day went on. We started doing a beige-pearl, but as we looked further we decided to amp it up; we didn’t want it to match the skin tone. Brandi has strong features, so we wanted some softness with that cool, icy blue or they wouldn’t have stood out as much."  



Q: Why do you think the look complimented her personality?

A: "She’s a very fun, funky girl, so we wanted to play that up, but in a more subdued way. We wanted something more feminine. Blue can be strong, so we did a full head of highlights and when we toned with blue, some lighter pieces picked up one way and others more pearly, so it definitely showed and got that hint of pop."



Q: What did the collection mean to you?

A: "The collection for me is very classic and the color speaks volumes and gives the woman that edge, that sense of freedom, where even if you have retro waves, you can be bold. It’s very class meets funk where opposites meet to create an overall balance."

Q: Describe the atmoshere on set.

A: "I actually was not on set, but from what I have heard, they said that the set flowed very well, models each personified their own look, so whatever gesture, they were allowed to just express themselves and really molded themselves into their hairstyle and captured the little subtleties of that color."

Q: What did you and your model think of the color?

A: "This was my first time working with All-Nutrient professionally on a shoot. It was really fantastic,  true to tone and the hair was buttery soft and completely smooth, even after just a rough blow dry. It was so healthy and rejuvenated from all the bleach we did, so I got the exact results I wanted. My model couldn't stop touching her hair and running her fingers through it. She kept saying how shiny and reflective it was. She loved the experience because it didn't burn or itch and she has some sensitivity to color, but with this she felt calm and at ease in the chair."



Cindy Pak.jpg

Colorist: Cindy Pak

Allison Harvard.jpgModel: Allison Harvard

Q: Why did you choose this look for your model?

A: "As a group we decided on an icier tone for Allison that would compliment her skin tone."

Q: Why do you think the look complimented her personality?

A: "I felt like she's very interesting and mysterious, so it the muted tones suited her perfectly because you can still be bold, without having colors that scream bright, opaque color."


Q: What did the collection mean to you?

A: "That color can really bring out another form and quality of that person and it's very empowering."

Q: What did you think of the color?

A: "I love that they're inter-mixable and you can create custom colors."

Q: What did your model think of her color?

A: "She was very pleased and didn’t realize that her hair being that color was an option and how good she felt."



Julia Clayton.jpg

Stylist: Julia Clayton

Aubree Storm.jpg

Model: Aubree Storm

Q: Why did you choose this look for your model?

A: "I’ve been really into braiding lately and Ginger [Boyle] just gave me some freedom to do what I wanted. Aubree is a small, petite girl, so we wanted to give bold, tough look. And in the back, with the hair flaired out, it’s cool because it cornrows into a vogue style that is more editorial looking."

Q: How did the final look differ from your original vision?

A: "Once you’re on set you just run into things in that creative environment that aren’t planned and are chosen on the spot. That’s how we came up with braids, they weren’t planned, but they felt right."



Q: Why do you think the look complimented her personality?

A: "Aubree is really cool and she also has a very sweet demeanor and is very collected; there’s something a little innocent about her. I just wanted to give her something a little opposite and edge her up, she’s a dancer, so I wanted to go bold and fun, but still meet that collected vibe."




Q: What did you think of the retail products?

A: "I really liked one of the hairsprays. I'm a huge hairspray snob and this stuff [Ultra+ Hold] worked really well and fun and created texture in hair. Blondes are also pretty hard sometimes to make look shiny, so the Shine+ Gloss Mist was great for the cover model."

Q: What did the collection mean to you?

A: "[This collection] allowed people to be the best versions of themselves. I think it's just great to watch people be in their own skin and taking who they were already and just enhancing that. It's just fun to watch all these different personalities, so all different vibes, come together and work really well...there was a lot of confidence in the room."



Thank you to American Salon and the talented creative team that made our
Fall 2017 collection possible!

MAGAZINE EDITOR: Amy Dodds, @amydoddsramirez
SALON: Planet Salon , 
@colouredbyjuli, Cindy Pak @ipaintyellow, Heather McGowen @heathermcgowen, Justin Le @jlecolor
COLOR CONSULTANT: Erin Taeko Yoshioka, 
MAKEUP: Nick Marshall
HAIR ASSIST: Julia Clayton, 
MAKEUP ASSIST: Caitlin Sennott, 
WARDROBE: Rebecca Todd
MODELS: Carlena Britch 
@carlenabritch, Aubree Storm @aubreestorm, Alli Harvard @alliharvard, Thais D'Lima @thaisdlima1, Brandi Chang @brandi.chang

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