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Hair styling is set to get fun again. After a summer of “woke-up-this-way” hair and tousled beach waves, dependably “I’ll be back” retro looks are super-sized, sixties-influenced and statement accessorized. 

Winter is the right time to break out the tool box of rollers, bobby pins and flat irons for more formalized or even festive styles. On the effortless side, it’s all about shifting the part, slicking it back or simplifying braids and buns. Here are the top trends to try.

Glass Hair

The new Instagram name for flat-ironed looks, glass hair is smooth, shiny and super-reflective. After all, winter demands a change from boring beach waves. A sharp-cut bob always helps the style along, as Hailey Baldwin and Kim Kardashian proved, but it isn’t a requirement. Designers like Stella McCartney showed longer glass hair looks at the winter ready-to-wear runway shows.

Want high-shine success? Before blow drying, use a leave-in conditioner to banish frizz and flyaways. Hair will look more polished. Then go back and flat iron dry hair, taking small sections. For strand safety, make several fast passes with the iron—avoid holding it in place. Add a megawatt finish by misting on a lightweight shine spray.

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Super-Sized Pomps and Bouffants

Big hair is back and just like it did in the ‘60s, it relies on backcombing and no small amount of hairspray. What’s new: Hair is lots longer than those old bubble ‘dos and the “big” part is sectioned off at the top, backcombed and pinned in place before it’s smoothed and sprayed into submission without stiffness. On the softer, shorter, sexier side, Jackie O. and Marilyn Monroe-inspired catwalk styles came from roller sets. More than a few on the runways were wigs because getting the look requires old-school wet-setting and backcombing skills.

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Maxi Accessorizes

If there’s one trend in accessories, it’s the super-sized retro headband—in black leather or velvet. Not only can it cover ears on blustery days, it can do double-duty to push up big hair or keep a little tousle on top. For an easy take, just slip it on and fingerstyle short top lengths with a texturizing spray. The indoor/outdoor look lasts all day.

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Messy Buns and Braids

The messy bun isn’t a hot mess, it’s  mussed with intent, which takes artistry and a sense of balance. Positioned top and center, it’s a next-level updo, but it can also be twisted and secured low at the nape for days that demand winter hats. Ponys and braids get in on the act, too: When hair is barely midlength, gather it back and fake a braid by wrapping and criss-crossing a wide, black elastic all along it to the ends.  Creative braids from Dual French to Milk Maid are haute during the day, because at night, they can be released to allow soft, controlled waves. Brush and smooth them with a pomade or styling cream to combine texture and shine. Ponys are divided and wrapped in sections for a more complex take on a traditional go-to.

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Slicked and Wet-ish

There’s nothing simpler than a slicked back style and this season, it’s lots less wet-looking than it was in its spring-staple incarnation.  Get the look with a little tactile pomade, not tons of gel. Drier ‘dos can be swept back or to the side, allowing a more piecy finish, a touch of root lift or end detailing. Fabulous for short hair, slicked styling works for longer locks as well—just pop in a pony after smoothing back the top and sides.

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Soft, Center-Parted Waves and Curls

Waves and curls are moving away from that perfect barrel-curled look that was used to showcase ombré hair color, and natural curl is going its own way with fewer styling restrictions than we saw in spring.  For these looks, textured hair—natural or not—is cut into the best shape for a face shape and growth patterns, then styling follows suit with simple pin curls that are fingercombed in place, or with natural curl that’s stretched a bit. It’s no accident that in the color world, the stretched root allows a lived-in look, and now, stretched curls allow the same.  While straight styles are a bit more controlled for fall, when it comes to texture, it’s all about ease and a sense of individual style.

Want no frizz? Going into the Winter hair becomes more dry, use a renewing treatment that instantly moisturizes and restores the hair's elasticity for smooth, bouncy, curls!

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