Posted by All-Nutrient Professional on Feb 13, 2019

Whether it’s a look for that special date or a girl’s-night-out, style your hair with romance without feeling bridal! 

Embrace Waves and Curls

As a rule, Valentines hair should look done, yet not too formal or finished. The singular exception to the no-structured styles rule involves retro waves, which are always sexy and feminine. The best ones come from a wet set with a styling cream, which creates a strong foundation plus shine in the brushed-out waves.

Pin curls and iron curls transform dry hair when you mist on hairspray and hit the pin curls with a flat iron or wrap up strands around a curling wand. 


Retro waves inspired by celebs Blake Lively, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, & Megan Fox.


Adore Those Braids

Braids can be modern but they’re always romantic. One big back braid or several surface braids are perfect for long locks. If you keep it simple, braids work even when Valentine’s Day falls on a workday (this year, Thursday), and there’s no time for big-date hair adjustments.

For shorter hair, direct two braids from the sides toward the back, secure in place and iron curl free ends.  


 Big braided pony, effortless waves with pinned back braid works on long & short hair.


Flirt with an Updo

Not a formal updo though— think of the messy bun or the half up/half down look. These wrapped and twisted styles are creative and freeform, you can add extenstions to bulk up fine locks, throw a few braids into the mix, or coax curls out of the bun for loose framing waves.

This look is so simple you can create one in minutes by twisting, wrapping, rolling and pinning sections back. Naturally, there’s an art to making a messy updo balanced and sexy instead of sloppy — practice makes perfect.   



Try a low bun with face framing curls, or a pinned up loose bun for a simple yet romantic updo!



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