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Get inspired with haircolor that will glow under candlelight!

Latest Flame

That Living Coral color-of-the-year trend is just too strong for a sudden change—it’ll have everyone taking a second look. Unless, of course, being a color-changing trendsetter is authentically you!

A better way to add a kiss of coral or a glimmer of garnet is to transform blonde with rose gold or add claret highlights to natural brunette. A few scarlet highlights or lowlights heat up any darker-hued hair. For those whose calling has always been a true red, adding crimson flames to burgundy makes sparks fly.

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Love Match

The bob is still one of the most popular short styles around, so what will make it special sans fuss? Halo hair color or spotlighting! For extra shine where light hits natural curves on the head, pre-lighten hair but not too much. Lightening can follow the “halo” on top of the head, curves around a fringe or even just a few side arcs. Then, an all-over violet, red or even gold creates the spotlight effect.

Another idea: Consider how the bob will be styled and lighten, then tone pieces that will be iron curled for curve and overlapped. Just a few, made slightly lighter than the base shade and colormelted right into it, work best for adding shimmer to a textured bob.

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Heart of Glass

Glass hair is the new gloss. To get it, try a 10-minute glosser or glaze, which acts like a top coat, adding mirror-like reflection, sealing the cuticle and keeping new color salon-fresh and fabulous. The right glosser can even counteract a blonde brass or take chocolate to a deep red-violet raspberry. Create hair that glows under candlelight and sparkles under moonlight with a glaze or a deep-penetrating natural oil—a must-have for every healthy hair tool-kit.

Style Tip: Mist on a shine spray for frizz control and extra luster. 

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