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Cuts have been taking a back seat to color and styling for a while now, and Winter is no exception—particularly with the focus on hair accessories.  But Winter is the perfect time to lose a few inches, re-shape a cut, adjust it for zonal perfection or let it grow longer for max holiday options.


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Adjust the length, add a few layers and throw in a fringe, and you’ve got the freeform yet personalized look of the moment: The cut with no name.

Effortless in appearance, it’s  really the result of meticulously working with natural growth patterns, zones on the head, face shapes and more, so that the cut is customized to the individual. 

Fingerstyling and detailing make it intentionally casual. Still, it will never mistaken for bed head. 

On the runways, easy ends were made to tuck under collars or finger pinch and shape in place with a touch of pomade.  Not so coincidently, that’s just what you’ll be doing to look stylish in Winter weather.



Natural texture remains one of the biggest trends among curly girls, so it’s no wonder that the big, bold Afro is important again. Short, tight, and strong or longer and loosely expanded, the shape is inspiring a whole new generation.

The latest take is to elongate twists into a soft ‘Fro shape. For those who don’t want super-tight curls, finger twirl  loosened Afro-cut curls around your fingers one-by-one, using a moisturizing curl product.


Screen Shot 2018-11-18 at 9.13.31 PMScreen Shot 2018-11-18 at 9.20.45 PM













Mid-length cuts are incredibly versatile and this season, they’re most likely to be a shag, from softly layered to barely layered at all. Less choppy and rocker chick than previous versions, these shags look great with quick styling but take on waves and more structure by the time the holidays roll around.

Their appeal is looking as lived-in and natural as their hair color. The must-have companion to almost all mid-length cuts is the full bang: long and near blunt or curtain-bang cut. 


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