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Anyone who is trying to grow their hair long shudders at the words– Haircut and Trim. But those words aren’t so scary when you understand the reasons for them and why they keep your hair healthy. Whether you only get a haircut twice a year (if that) or 4 times a year, you might find the struggle to achieving those long locks you desire are actually signs you need a “dusting!” 



#1.  You have wispy, split ends.

Sure that’s what everyone says… but take a look for yourself. A really, really, close look! Hold your ends up to your face and check to see if the ends are frayed. Think of a tightly wound rope that’s beginning to come undone- split ends are thin and stringy. Have someone take a photo of your hair from the back, if you have light hair wear a black shirt, if you have darker hair wear a white shirt. If you notice that the ends don’t look as thick or full as the rest of your hair, it may be time to see a stylist. Removing split ends stops the strand from continuing to fray up towards the root and makes your hair look fuller and thicker again.

#2.  Flat hair with zero volume.

Have you tried every voluminizing product on the planet and still have no lift? Flat hair could be a sign that it’s time to shake things up with your hair shape. Hair that hasn’t seen scissors in a while can become heavy and literally weigh the hair down. Fresh layers or a new shape can remove some of that excess weight for more body and bounce.

#3. You get lots of knots. 

Damaged hair tends to stick together making your hair tangle and knot easier. Tangled hair is harder to brush and style, ultimately leading to more damage from tugging, pulling, and styling with hot tools. Healthy hair glides right through a comb.

#4. It has a triangle shape. 

This one’s for the curly girls! If your hair is curly, wavy, or just very thick and starts to resemble an Christmas tree
(nothing at the top, lots of volume at the bottom), it's time to get it cut.

#5.  It’s time for a life change.

You know the quote, “A woman who cuts her hair is ready to change her life?”  Well, sometimes it’s true! When a new relationship, job, or location is just not working for you, try changing up your hairstyle instead. Whether it’s a big chop or simply adding bangs, sometimes all it takes is a push to get you feeling more creative and motivated!


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